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Ynyr ap Cadfarch and Rhiengar

YNYR ap Cadfarch.
Born (probably about 850, based on the report of building the castle of Whittington)(about 875AD-S1); son of CADFARCH ap Gwrgant.

Ynyr was Lord of Chirk, Whittington, Oswestry, Maelor Cymraeg and Maelor Saesnaeg in Powysland. (S2).

He married Rhiengar. (S1,S2).

In the year 870, he built the castle of Whittington. (S2). However, S2 also says: Our timeline for this family would place the birth of Ynyr at c. 870. He may have resided at Whittington but the castle was still over 150 years in the future for Wales. The first stone castle at Whittington was built on the site of an earlier hill fort in the 13th century.

Daughter and Heiress of Lluddoca ap Caradog Freichfras, Lord of Hereford, Gloucester, Erging and Ewias. The Caradog Freichfras who was grandfather to Rheingar was the ninth century man of Rhos in north Wales, not the sixth century same-named man of Ewias. (S2).

CHILDREN of Ynyr ap Cadfarch and Rhiengar:
  1. Tudor Trevor. He married Angharad. We date the birth of Tudor Trevor c. 900 and his marriage would have occurred c. 928/930). (S2).


Ynyr ap Cadfarch (c875-?) and Rhiengar
Tudor Trevor (c900-?) and  Angharad ferch Hywel Dda
Dyngad ap Tudor Trevor (c930-?)  and Sissely verch Seferys
Rhiwallon ap Dyngad.  (c965-1040)
Caragdog ap Rhiwallon. (c1000-?)
Breichiol ap Caradog (c1030-?)
Pyll ap Breichiol (c1060-?).
Meurig ap Pyll (c1095-?). 
Caradog of Penrhos. (Caradog ap Meurig) (c1125-?). 
Iorwerth ap Caradog (c1150-?)  and Alis ferch Bleddyn.
Adam Gwent  (Adam ap Iorwerth) (c1190-)
John ap Adam (Adam Fynchan) (c1220-?)
(Sir) John ap Adam (c1255-1311) and Elizabeth de Gournay
Thomas ap Adam (c1307-c1343) and Joan Inge
John ap Adam (c1330-c1376) married Millicent Bessylls
(Sir) John ap Adams (c1360-?)  (He added the "s" to the name,) md Clara Powell
Roger Adams (1392-?) and Jane Ellyott
Thomas Adams (1422-1452) and Marie Upton
John Adams (1452-1483) and Jane Rannelegh
John Adams (1482-1577) and Catherine Stebbing
John Adams (c1500-1543) and Margery Squire
Richard Adams (1530-1603) and Margaret Armager
Robert Adams (1550-1602) and Elizabeth Sharlon
Robert Adams (1602-1682) and Eleanor Wilmot
Elizabeth Adams (1641-1718) and Edward Phelps
Samuel Phelps and Sarah Chandler
John Phelps and Sarah Andrews
John Phelps and Deborah Lovejoy
Samuel Phelps and Margaret Nevins
Ebenezer Ferrin and Lydia Phelps
Samuel Ferrin and Sally Clotilda Powell
Lydia Powell Ferrin and George William Washington Williams
George William Williams and Harriett Thurston
Minnie Williams and Clive Vernon Tenney
Mildred Ella Tenney and Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris