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Hans Rudolf Winkler and Dorothea Waeckerlig

Hans Rudolf WINKLER
Born 22 September 1720; son of Hans Jakob WINKLER and Anna BRUNNER.

He married Dorothea WAECKERLIG on 2 November 1745.

He died 29 August 1765.

Born 28 March 1720; daughter of Jacob WAECKERLIG and Magdalena STAHEL.

She married Hans Rudolf WINKLER on 2 November 1745.

CHILDREN of Hans Rudolf WINKLER and Dorothea WAECKERLIG:
  1. Jakob WINKLER. Born 21 March 1747 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland. He married Anna SPOERRI on 28 June 1768 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland. He died 24 January 1817 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland.