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Thomas Wells

Thomas Wells. [PC W2-2].
of Colchester, Essex, England.


CHILDREN of Thomas Wells:
  1. (Deacon) Thomas Wells. [PC W2-2]. Born in 1605 in Colchester, Essex, England. Emigrated to New England in 1635. Settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts.
  2. Nicholas Wells. He lived in Colchester, Essex, England during the religious persecutions under Charles I, during 1625 to 1648. He owned extensive and valuable ship yards near there. He was also owner and proprietor of a large hotel in the area. During the religeous persectuions in 1629, he nearlhy lost his life on account of some remarks he made at dinner one day, and was obliged to leave the country for safety. He fled to America and landed at Boston. In 1639 or 1640 he removed to Rhode Island with Richard Smith. He settled near Wickford, and called the place Wellestown. He was soon folled by some of his brothers.
  3. Hugh Wells. Settled in Hartford, Connectixcut.
  4. Joseph Wells. Settled in Boston, Massachusetts.
  5. George Wells. Settled in Lynn, Massachusetts.
  6. William Wells. Settled in Lynn, Massachusetts.
  7. (Deacon) Richard Wells. Settled in Salisbury, Massachusetts.