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Richard Webb and Margaret Moyer

Richard WEBB. [Ancestors].
Born (9 January 1611-S7,S10,S21,S22) (1623-S3,S4,S15) at (Birmingham, England)( Norwalk, Dorset, England-S7,S21)(Bearley, Warwickshire, England-S10), son of Richard WEBB and Grace WILSON.

There was a Richard Webb, son of Richard Webb, christened on 17 October 1611 at Pilton, Somerset, England. (S24).
He is said to be the Richard Webb who was christened on 9 January 1623.(S10). In a despostion he made 22 November 1667 he is said to be "aged 44 yrs or thereabouts." (S16). This indicates that he was born around 1623.

He came to Cambridge, Massachusetts in (1626-S22)(1629-S2) with his father in Winthropís fleet. (S5). Richard Webb was made a freeman in Cambridge on 6 November 1636. Being made a freeman may be an indication that he was married at that time. That would also indicate a birth earlier than 1623, in that he would probably not have been made a freeman at age 13. But it is more probable that it was his father who was made a freeman in 1636.

He married Margery MOYER (between 1599 and 1630-S4)(about 1635-S10)(about 1644-S8)(about 1647-S4,S15) in (New Haven, Connecticut-S15).

In 1635 he moved from Cambridge to Boston, Massachusetts, then on to Hartford, Connecticut, and was a founder there. (S12,S13).

In 1636 Reverend Thomas Hooker led about 100 men, women and children from Cambridge to what is now Hartford, Connecticut. Richard Webb and his family were among the Hooker contingent. Richard is listed as an original proprietor of Hartford. (S22).

The birth of the first several Children are sometimes said to be at Northampton, Massachusetts; but I am convinced that this Richard Webb never lived there. There is too short a time between his arrival in Massachusetts and his arrival in Connecticut.

Richard does not appear in New Haven records until 1643 and he is not seated in the meeting house.(S16).

He was fined 1 shilling 4th Jan 1643 for late coming to trayne. (S16).

He was fined again 1 May 1644 1 shilling for late coming to the Lord's day with his armes. (S16).

He took the oath of fidelity 1 July 1644. (S16).

In court on 3 June 1645 he promised to pay unto Joshua Atwater 33 shillings, which he demanded of him as due to the shipp. This may refer to the Great Shipp the colony built to sail goods to England, and that was lost on its maiden voyage. (S16).

He was freed from attending court 25 May 1646 to help Mr. Mallon get goods ashore.(S16).

On 2 October 1649 he was in court in a controversy between himself and Teopilus Eaton over Eaton's farm. He had rented the farm along with a Robert Emery. Emery gave it up but Webb wanted to continue the agreement. However Eaton claimed he had not kept the covenants and wanted him to leave or give a security. He agreed to leave, but there was a debt of L41, 16s 07. He asked to have the attachment on his cattle lifted so that he could sell them to pay the debt. He was told to do so within 10 days. If he did not Jasper Crane and Henry Lendall were to do so for him. Crane and Richard Miles were appointed arbitrators and magistrate Evans was to oversee the process. By the next court the issue was not settled because, amongst other things, the magistrate had not been in town. He asked to be given until the next day to do so, which he must have done, as the case does not come up again. (S16).

Many of the people of Stamford were those who left New Haven because of disagreements over its form of government. Some had gone to Long Island for a time, until they were run out by the Dutch, who also tried to take Stamford and Greenwich.(S16). He settled in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1650.(S?).

Richard lived with his parents in Norwalk until (about 1654-S13)(1651), when he moved to Stamford as one of the first settlers of that town. (S13).

Richard Webb was in Stamford by 1651 and lived in a house near the mill on the Mill River on the north side of what is now West Main Street.(S17). Richard owned and operated the first mill in Stamford which had previously been abandoned as 'worthless'. The family lived in a house on what is now Main Street, near the Mill River.

He is in Stamford in 1651 when he buys land from Robert Rugg.(S16).

In 1654 a Bassett who was considered an outlaw was supposed to have left some writings at Richard Webbs that the colony considered treasonous.(S16).

He was a Deputy in 1655.(S?).

Richard Webb was declared a freeman 9 October 1662 by the Connecticut colony after its union with New Haven. Only those who were ready to secede from New Haven jurisdiction were named freeman at that time.(S16).

He gives a desposition 22 November 1662 that John Budd is the son of John Ogden.(S16).

In 1667 he was chosen selectman and represented the town in the Connecticut general court for two years. (S16,S22).

In 1669-1670 John Thompson sold land to Richard Webb.(S16).

His will was recorded on 7 January 1675-1676.

He died on 15 March 1675-1676 at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.(S7,S14,S15.S16,S21).

The inventory was dated 29 April 1676 and names wife Margery, Joseph, who took the mill and ran it with his mother; Richard, who had uplands at Westcotts; Joshua who took lands in Newfield and the tools which were in Huntington Long Island; Caleb and Samuel, whose legacy was the care of their mother; and Sarah.(S16).

Margaret (Margery) MOYER.
She was born (3 NOV 1610-S10)(about 1611)(about 1627-S7,S15,S21) at (Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut-S7,S21)(Wolverhampton, Shropshire, England-S10). She married Richard WEBB (about 1647-S15) in (New Haven, Connecticut-S15). She died after her husband.(S15).

Some early Moyers in Massachusetts:
George, Duxbury proprietor 31 Aug 1643
Jonathan, 19, came over on the ship Blessing in July 1632
Roger, Salem, proprietor 1636, wife Elizabeth, children Johnah, Apphis, Mary, Benj.(S16).

CHILDREN of Richard WEBB and Margery MOYER:
  1. John WEBB. Born about (1640)(1641)(1650-S7), probably in Hartford, Connecticut. He married Hannah. He probably died on 27 MAY 1684 in Haddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut. [Note: John is often said to be a son of Richard Webb and Margery Moyer, but John is not listed in the will of Richard, which brings into question if he is really the son of Richard and Margery. ].
  2. Richard WEBB III was born (about 1646-S7)(about 1650-S15) in probably at New Haven, Connecticut. (S15). He had uplands at Westcotts.(S16).
  3. Sarah WEBB was born (in 1648-S7)(about 1653-S15) at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut-. (S15). She married John MARSHALL about 1672 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.(S15). He was born about 1649 in Greenwich, CT and died about 1678. She is mentioned in her fatherís will. (S16).
  4. Joseph WEBB. Born 30 March 1654 at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married Hannah SCOFIELD, daughter of RICHARD SCOFIELD and MARY, on 8 January 1672 at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.(S14,S19). Joseph took over the mill at the death of his father and ran it with his mother. He died (11 OCT 1698-S21)(8 MAR 1683-1684-S4,S15,S19) at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.
  5. Mary WEBB was born in 1656 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. A child died 1 January 1656.(S14) [Could this be daughter Mary?]
  6. Caleb WEBB was born (in 1658-S7)(about 1659-S15) in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married Sarah about 1684. He was charged in his fatherís will with the care of his mother. (S16). He died (21-S23)(24-S14) MAY 1704 in Stamford, Farifield County, Connecticut.
  7. Joshua WEBB was born (the 15th day of ?-S14)(born 15Ö record blurred in the Stamford registration books-S20)(about 1655-S4,S15)(in 1660-S7) in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth HINE, daughter of Thomas HINE, about 1680. She was born Abt. 1659, and died Aft. 1699. Joshua who took lands in Newfield and the tools which were in Huntington L.I.(S16). Joshua died in 1694 in Bedford, New York.
  8. Samuel WEBB was born on (3 Mar 1661-S7)(30 March 1662-S14,S15) in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Samuel married Hannah JAGGER daughter of JOHN JAGGER and HANNAH CROSS in 1690 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He was charged in his fatherís will with the care of his mother.(S16). He died 28 June 1736 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. She died 7 October 1729 in Stamford.(S14).
  9. William WEBB was born about 1673 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.
  10. Jonathon WEBB. Born 12 APR 1675 in Stamford, Connecticut. He married 15 May 1710 to Judith CHAMBERLIN. He died 1744 in Stamford, Connecticut. Judith died 8 December 1734.



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