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Richard Webb and Grace Wilson

Richard WEBB. [PC T1-17].
Born (5-S3,S4,S5,S7,S9)(15-S10,S13) MAY 1580 at (Norwalk)(Norwick, Dorsetshire, England-S3)(Warwickshire, England-S4)(Bearly, Warwickshire, England-S5,S9,S10,S13)(Stratford, Warwickshire, England-S7); son of Alexander WEBB and Mary WILSON. (S3,S4,S5,S7,S10).

He married (1) Sarah Upham in 1609. (S10).

He married (2) Grace WILSON on 1 May 1610 in (Norwalk, Dorsetshire, England-S3)(Dorsetshire, England-S5,S7,S10).

It appears that his wife Grace died in England.

Records conflict on the date Richard landed in Boston--some records indicate it was 1626 while others indicate it was 1629. Richard was one of four brothers (Richard, John, Christopher, and William) who came to America. Some say they came with their father, Alexander Webb Jr., but this is may not be correct. It is mentioned that he had at least his son Richard with him, but it is not said that a wife came with. (S?).

He married (3) Elizabeth GREGORY. He is said to have arrived on the same boat as Elizabeth. They were probably married shortly after arrival in America (in 1629-S9)(about 1630-S5,S7), though it could have been in England.

Savage (S11) says that he was made a freeman in Cambridge) in 1632, but it is also said that he moved in 1632 from Cambridge to Boston, where he was made a freeman (S15). If so, then he probably married Elizabeth in Boston in 1632.

On 4 September 1633 a new minister and his family arrived in Cambridge (then called New Town) aboard the ship Griffin. Also on board the Griffin were Reverends John Cotton and Samuel Stone. The Reverend Thomas Hooker, son of Puritan parents in England, had been harassed by Church of England Archbishop William Laud because Hooker did not conform to the strict terms the Archbishop required of all ministers. After his arrival in New Town, disagreements emerged between Hooker and John Cotton, another minister. Cotton believed only male church members should be allowed to vote in town affairs. Hooker believed all men should be allowed to vote, regardless of church affiliation. The disagreement was resolved in 1636 when Hooker led about 100 men, women and children from Cambridge through the wilderness frontier to what is now Hartford, Connecticut. (S13).

Richard Webb and Elizabeth and their family were among the Hooker contingent. There are two monuments to the original proprietors in Hartford. Both include the name of Richard Webb. (S13).

RICHARD was a member of the grand jury 1643 (S11,S13).

He is listed as a townsman in 1649. (S13).

Richard Webb is a surveyor of highways in 1650. (S13).

On 19 June 1650 Richard Webb signed on as one of the original proprietors for a new community not far from Hartford, present day Norwalk. (S13).

Prior to his move to Norwalk, he was a member of the First Church in New Haven, CT. Church records indicate he was dismissed as a church member in 1650, which would have coincided with the move to Norwalk. (S13). Norwalk was purchased in 1640 by Roger Ludlow. The original purchase included the land between the Norwalk and Saugatuck rivers, at a distance of a "day’s walk" from the sea. The first settlers arrived from Hartford in 1649. (S14). Norwalk was chartered as a town on 11 September 1651, when the General Court of the Connecticut Colony decreed that “Norwaukee shall bee a townee”. (S14).

An interesting note from Savage (S11):

He left no ch. but took Sarah, d. of Rev. Samuel Stone, and brot. her up, until she m. Thomas Butler of Hartford; and in Hall's Hist. we see that the wid. empower. a friend, in 1677 to adj. with Butler and his w. for their claim of the est. of her h. Butler's w. had half. and by the Court was distribut. other portions to Bartholomew Barnard, wh. was h. of Sarah, d. of Thomas Birchard, to Richard Homes, Stephen Beckwith, Thomas Barnum and others, of whose degrees of consanguin. it may not be easy to determine.

In May of 1656, Richard Webb served as representative from Norwalk to the General Assembly of Connecticut. Probate records list several claims made on his estate indicating either he was indebted to several people, was not well to do, or both. (S13).

He died (1656-S7)(in July 1665-S4.S5,S11,S13)(1 January 1676-S3,S10) at Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut (S4,S7,S10). He was buried in 1656 at Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut.(S3).

WIFE (1):
Sarah Upham.
She married Richard Webb in 1609. (S10). She apparently died soon afterward.

WIFE (2):
Born (about 1578-S7)(about 1594-S5,S10) in (Dorsetshire, England-S7,S10); daughter of John WILSON. She married Richard WEBB on 1 MAY 1610 at Norwalk, England.

Grace probably died in England, as she is not listed with the family when their emigrated to New England.

CHILDREN of Richard WEBB and Grace WILSON:
  1. Richard WEBB. Born (9 January 1611, S1,S5)(4 July 1611-S7,S8)(1623, S2)(1622-1623-S3) in (Norwalk, England-S5)(Stratford, Warwickshire, England-S7,S8). He married (Margery MOYER-S5,S10)(Margery-S6,S7,S8) (between 1599 and 1630-S4)(about 1644-S5). He died 15 March 1675 at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.
  2. (daughter) WEBB. Born (about 1612-S5,S7) in (Dorsetshire, England-S5,S7). She married (Thomas BUTLER-S5,S7). She died (16 JUL 1665-S5,S7).
  3. John WEBB. Born (about 1615)(in 1615-S10)(1627-1634-S3)(about 1632-S7) in (England)(Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut-S7)(in Dorsetshire, England-S10). He married (1) Anna BASSETT in (1640-S10) at (Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut)(in Massachusetts-S10). He married (2) Elizabeth SWIFT on 16 OCT 1667 at Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts. (S3). He died (19 MAY 1670-S3,S10) at (Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts-S3,S10) and was buried there.

WIFE (3):
Elizabeth GREGORY.
Born in 1603-1604 (S3) at (Great Bentley, Essex, England-S3); daughter of Henry Gregory and Mary (Goody).

She is said to have arrived from England on the same ship as Richard Webb. She married Richard Webb about 1630 or 1632, probably in Boston. However, if she was born in 1621 she would have been too young to be a wife of Richard at that time, and her father, Henry, is said to have arrived in 1636.

But Elizabeth was the administrix of Richard’s estate upon his death.

She died on 24 January 1680-1681 at Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut. Elizabeth Webb, the widow of Richard Webb, formerly of Norwalk, died the twenty-fourth of January, 1680. (S10,S12,S13).

CHILDREN of Richard WEBB and Elizabeth GREGORY:



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