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John Webb and Johan

John WEBB. [Familytree].
Born on 5 June 1405 in Stratford, Warwickshire, England; son of Geoffry Webb and Julian Cloward.

He married Johan. (S4).
He is said to have married Johan Nee. (S3).

From a Lease Record dated 25 March 1424:
Counterpart of lease, indented, from John Mayel, senior, master, and John Webbe and Roger Sadeler, proctors, with the assent of the aldermen of the Gild of the Holy Cross, etc. of Stratford upon Auen, to John Colyer, Agnes his wife and their assigns of a burgage of land, not built on, in Rotherstrete, between Parsons croft and a tenement of the said John Colyer and Agnes his wife, for 70 years at an annual rent of 12d.
Witnesses: Thomas Mayel, 'capitalis ballivus ville', John Weley and Richard Compton, 'subballivi', John Clifford, Robert Thorn' and others.
Dated at Stratford in the hall of the Gild, Saturday in the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary, 2 Henry VI.
Seals: (1) Lost. (2) Of red wax, circular. Figure of Mary Magdalen [Maria Magdale]na. (See Fisher's Antiquities, no.106) The tag is a strip from a lease from John Lokyer to --- Bruggemon, Joan his wife and John their son, for life of a parcel of land at Alveston. (S6).

From a docment dated 13 Arpil 1426 (Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive. Quitclaim by Richard Dolfyn of Couentre and Isabella his wife, daughter of Richard Regilot formerly of Shereley, co. Warr., to Hugh Salford, master of the Gild of Stratford upon Auen, John Harrys and Thomas Plentith, chaplains, and their heirs, of all their right in a messuage in Stratford in Bruggestrete between a tenement of John Ilmyngdon and that formerly of JohnPedull', which messuage the said Isabella inherited from her father Witnesses: John Leke, 'capitalis ballivus', ville de Stratford', John Webbe and Thomas Iremonger, 'subballivi', Thomas Mayel, John Clyfford and others.
Dated at Stratford, Saturday before the feast of SS. Tiburtius and Valerian, 4 Hen.VI
Seals of red wax, circular. (1) St. Peter SAN[CTVS P]ETRVS. (Engraved in Fisher's Antiquities, no.104). (2) St. Mary Magdalen Maria Magdalena. (S5).

A subballivi is a sub-Balif, that is, a deputy or assistant Balif.

From a Stratford record dated 3 January 1439-1440:
Settlement of a dispute between John Webbe of Stretford upon Auen and John Boor of Dodwell concerning the title to a messuage and a moiety of one croft adjoining in Dodwell, and a moiety of one virgate of land in the fields of Lodyngton, within the fee of Drayton, which the said John Webbe claimed in right of his wife Joan, daughter and heir of Margaret, late wife of William atte Grene of Drayton. The arbitrators - John Campyoun and Roger Clerk for John Webbe, and Thomas Compier and William Rose for John Boor, found that John Webbe was entitled to the property Dated at Stretford upon Auen, Tuesday before the feast of Epiphany, 18 Henry VI
Seals of red wax: (1) A bird: motto illegible. (2) A fragment only. (3) Octagonal. A bird among floral scrolls: motto illegible
(4) A fragment. (S7).

There is Drayton near Gillingham, County Dorset, England; but the primary seat of the atte Grene family was at Greene's Norton, County Northampshire, England.

From a record dated 13 July 1450:
Demise by Thomas Compton, parson of the church of Adoriston, John Dod of Stratford upon Auen, Robert Compton late of Ippusley and Richard Compton of Merston Sicca, to John Webbe and Joan his wife cousin of Robert Huberd, 'vlymaker', deceased, of a half burgage and a parcel of land in Stratford in Rotherstrete between a tenement of the Warden of the Chantry of St. Thomas the Martyr of Stratford and a half burgage then of John Wilmyn late of Thomas Mollynge which half burgage and land they had of the gift and feoffment of Robert Huberd and Joan his wife Witnesses: William Ireton, 'capitalis ballivus', John Harrop', and Robert Emson, 'subballivi', Thomas Cokkes, John Mayel and others Dated at Stratford, Monday after the feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 28 Henry VI Seals of red wax: (1) A fleur-de-lys. Broken. (2) A crowned T between palm branches Broken. (3) Lost. (S7.).

He died in 1455 in Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England. During the reign of Queen Victory (the 60 year reign) and the finishing of the rebuilt English Fleet.

Johan. (Joan)(Johan Nee-S3).
Daughter and heir of Margaret, late wife of William atte Grene of Drayton. (S7).

She is a cousin of Robert Huberd, vlymaker, deceased by 1450.

CHILDREN of John WEBB and Johan:



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James Henry Webb  married (1) Betsy Faville,  married (2) Hannah Griswold
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                Warren Moroni Tenney married Ella Ann Hamblin
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