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Geoffry Webb and Julian Cloward

Geoffry WEBB. [Familytree]. [Webb Family Study].
Born on 12 April 1372 in Stratford, Warwickshire, England; son of Henry Alexander Webb and (miss) Cloward.

He was the youngest of three chrildren born to Sir Henry Alexander Webb and his wife Dau Cloward. Like his father he was born in Stratford, Warwickshire, England, around the time the French gained control of the English Channel. He married a Cloward, Julian. History tells us that in 1405 they had a son, John. (S3).

He married Julian before 1404.

From a Lease Record of 2 November, 1405.
Counterpart of indenture of lease from John Iremonger, master and --- and Geoffrey Webbe, proctors, with the assent of the aldermen of the Gild of the Holy Cross, the Blessed Mary and Saint John the Baptist, to Thomas [...] Smyzth of a half burgage in Stretford in Schepustret between a tenement of Edward de Compton and --- of master Thomas Newenham for 80 years at an annual rent of 6s. and to keep the premises in good repair.
Witnesses: Thomas Vyncent 'capitalis ballivus', John Mayel, 'barker', 'subballivus', Nicholas Saucer, [William Wes]tyngton, John Blaunfron and others.
Dated at Stratford, Monday in the feast of All Souls, 7 Henry IV.
Seal of red wax, octagonal. A crowned T. (Engraved in Fisher's Antiquities, no.96). (S8).

He died in 1408.

However, a record of a Geoffrey Webb in Stratford is found, dated 7 December 1411:
Counterpart of lease, indented, from Thomas Chacomb, master, and Geoffrey Webbe and William Brasyer, proctors, with the assent of the aldermen and other brethren of the Gild of the Holy Cross, the blessed Mary and St. John the Baptist of Stratford upon Auen, to Thomas [...] Smyzth, of a tenement in Stratford in le Shepustret between a vacant plot of land of John Harrewell formerly [Thomas] Newenham's on the east and a shop of the said Gild on the west, for 84 years at an annual rent of 8s.4d., and to maintain the premises in good repair.
Witnesses: Thomas Kyngges, 'capitalis ballivus', Andrew Draper and John Mayel, barker, 'subballivi', John Mayel senior, John Iremonger and others.
Dated at Stratford, Monday after the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, 13 Henry IV.
Seal lost. (S7).

Julian Cloward.
She married Geoffry Webb before 1404.

CHILDREN of Geoffry WEBB and Julian Cloward:



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