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Alexander Webb and Mary Wilson

Alexander WEBB. (Jr.) [Familytree]. [Webb Family Study].
Born on 20 August 1559 at Stratford, Warwickshire, England; son of (Sir) Alexander WEBB and Margaret ARDEN.

He married Mary WILSON (about 1589)(about 1579-S3) at Stratford, Warwickshire, England.

Alexander Webb, Jr and his family went to the Americas. The brothers had become quite wealthy in England. They sold their estate in England for a large sum of money, prior to their departure. This English property was inherited through their ancestor, Sir Henry Alexander Webb. (S4).

Alexander emigrated from England to America with four of his sons (Richard, John, Christopher, and William) in 1629. He settled at Stamford, Connecticut in 1629 and settled at Norwalk, Connecticut in 1646.(S10).

He died at Boston, Massachusetts. [This seems unlikely if he did go to Connecticut].

Born about 1561 at Stratford, Warwickshire, England; daughter of Thomas WILSON.

She married Alexander WEBB (about 1589)(about 1579-S3) at Stratford, Warwickshire, England.

CHILDREN of Alexander WEBB and Mary WILSON:
  1. Richard WEBB. Born on 15 May 1580 in Bearly, Warwickshire, England. Richard married (1) Sarah Upham in 1609. He married (2) Grace WILSON on 1 May 1610 in Dorsetshire, England. Grace was born in 1594 in Dorsetshire, England. Richard was one of four brothers who came to America in 1629 with their father, Alexander Webb Jr. He settled in Stamford, Connecticut in 1629 and settled at Norwalk, Connecticut in 1646. Grace must have died in England before he emmigrated. He married (3) Elizabeth Gregory about 1630 in Norwalk, Connecticiut. He died on 1 January 1676 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. When Richard died he bequeathed the entire Webb property to Elizabeth Gregory Webb (his third wife). No children have been identified by this third marriage. (S3).
  2. William Micajah WEBB. Born on 9 January 1582 in Stratford, Warwick, England. He came to America in 1629 and was a merchant in Norfolk, Virginia. He originally settled at the Isle of Pines. He was called "The Merchant of Virginia." From him came the great southern branch of the Webb family. His place of residence for a while was Smithfield, Isle of Wight, Virginia. He was a renowned shipbuilder and designer. He died in July 1656 in Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia. (S3).
  3. Elizabeth WEBB. Born on 3 September 1585 in Stratford, Warwick, England. Elizabeth married John SANFORD Sr, son of Samuel SANFORD and Ellenor, in 1631 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. John was born about 1605 in England. He died in 1653 in Rhode Island. She died on 14 July 1635 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. (S3).
  4. John WEBB was born on 23 October 1597 in Stratford, Warwick, England. John is said to have emigrated to New England with this father and three brothers (S3), but also that he came 10 years later, in 1639 (S4). Gottsacker (S5) says he came to America in 1636 as a member of the British military. He died on 5 April 1660 in Siterly, Hampshire, England. (S3). [Is this correct? Did he not die in New England?].
  5. Christopher WEBB. Born on 15 April 1599 in Stratford, Warwickshire, England. He emigrated to New England with his family in 1629. Christopher married Humility WHEATON on 22 April 1629 in Crediton, Devon, England. Humility was born in 1599 in Stratford, Warwickshire, England. She died in Nov 1687 in Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. The LDS has copies of the Crediton Parish Register. Crediton is in Devonshire. Volume 5, Marriages 1558 – 1785. Microfiche 40,643. M050741-917184. Nomina Matrimonia Copulatorum: 1629 April 22 Christopher Webb and Humilitie Wheaton. Baptizatorum Nomina: C650741-0933984. 1630 March 28 Christopher sonne of Christopher Webb. C050741-917182-0933984. 1632 June 3 Thomas sonne of Christopher Webb. C050741-917182-0933984. 1634 June 22 Sarah daughter of Christopher Webb and of Humilitie his wife. This one piece of secondary evidence seems to be genuine. It pertains to the marriage of Christopher and Humilitie. The baptisms insure that this is the correct Christopher Webb and Humilitie. He settled at Braintree Massachusetts. He died in Jun 1671 in Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. His will was proved on 2 November 1671. (S3).
  6. Henry WEBB. Born on 12 October 1601 in Stratford, Warwick, England. Henry came to America in 1635 and settled at Boston. (S3). He was a merchant, and was called the Merchant of Boston. Henry married (1) Hannah SCOTT. Henry also married (2) Docibel SMITH (Dowsabell) in England. She died on 28 February 1648. He died on 7 September (1660-S3)(1671) in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. (S3). Occupation: merchant,He was an investor in the Iron Works at Braintree, and was involved in transatlantic trade. He was made a Freeman 13 March 1638/9. He may have at one time been Constable of Boston. He had a contract with the town (a virtual monopoly with three others) to trade with the Indians, he did consign several shipments of beaver pelts and skins on a ship laden with cargo bound for England. Several years later, a man named Richard Webb and several others in the shoe business obtained a similar contract to regulate the trade of shoes, the manufacture of which requires a great deal of leather. All the leather required had to be obtained from either domestic cattle or trapped game animals. ** -- Henry Webb was a Merchant Adventurer, an overseas trader, a shipper, & an investor and commissioner of the failed Iron Works at Braintree. --- LAND 29 January 1638, Mr. Henry Webb (merchant of Boston) was granted for 10 heads, 40 acres of land in Braintree. This corresponds directly to the number of individuals he transported with himself to Boston in 1637. On 28 September 1644, eight months before Christopher was proclaimed a Freeman, Henry Webb received an additional grant of 200 acres in Braintree. --- Henry Webb’s ’10 heads’ are accounted for - as himself, wife, mother, daughter and six servants. They may have purchased land from, or otherwise resided, on Henry Webb’s additional grant, but records fail to indicate where they lived as early as the 1640’s. It does seem that Henry Webb lived in Boston, or had a home there. He was given permission in 1638 to purchase the home in which he was presently residing, by the selectmen of the Town of Boston; and also his choice of a garden, or a farm plot. He must have chosen the property in Braintree as his farm plot.



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