Peter WEARE.
Born about 1567 in Brockenborough, Wiltshire, England.

The Weare family of New Hampshire originated at Wear-Gifford in Devonshire, England, and for a few generations in this country continued to use the seal with the arms of that landed family. (S3).

He died 12 Oct 1653 in Newbury, Massachusetts.

Born about 1591 in England.

  1. Nathaniel WEARE. Born about 1600/1602 in England. He married Sarah in England, probably about 1628-1629. He died 1 Mar 1680 (1681-S2) in Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts.
  2. Peter WEARE. Born in 1618 in England. He came to New England in 1637 with his brother Nathaniel. He settled in York County, Maine, was an Indian trader, apparently from 1640 onward, and was engaged in some of the controversies over the ownership and government of Maine, sometimes himself imprisoned and sometimes imprisoning others, but died quietly on his property in Maine about 1690. He is not to be confounded with his nephew, Peter Weare of Newbury, son of the first Nathaniel, who died in Newbury, a youth, October 12, 1653; nor with Peter, the son of Councilor Nathaniel, who lived in Hampton Falls; nor with a third Peter, brother of President Weare, who also settled in Maine (at North Yarmouth) and died there in 1743, leaving a widow, Sarah (Felt) Weare.


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