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George Venables-Vernon, Second Lord Vernon

George Venables-Vernon. (Vernon-Wentworth). Second Lord Vernon. Baron of Kinderton and Sudbury.
Born 9 May 1735 in St. James, Westminster, Middlesex, England; son of George VENABLES-VERNON and Mary HOWARD.

He succeeded to the title upon the death of his father on 2 August 1780 (1807?). Of Wentworth Castle. Educated at Westminster and Trin Hall Cambridge.

He married (1) Louisa Barbarina MANSEL, daughter of Lord Bussey MANSEL, on 16 July 1757. She died in January 1776. (dsps 01.1776, dau of Bussey, Lord Mansel). Note: Louisa Barbera Venables Vernon was buried on 19 March 1786 at Sudbury, Derbyshire, England. (S14).

He was a Member of Parliament (MP) (Whig) for Weobley 1757-61. (Woebley, Herefordshire). He was a Member of Parliament (MP) (Whig) for Bramber 1762-68. (Bramber, West Sussex). He was a Member of Parliament (MP) (Whig) for Glamorganshire 1768-80. A vice president of the Welch Charity. Elected 1774 to represent the county of Glamorgan.

He married (2) Georgiana FAUQUIER, daughter of William FAUQUIER, on 25 MAY 1786. She died 31 MAY 1823. George died 18 June 1813. They had a daughter Georgiana VERNON born in 1793 and died 13 September 1824; who married Edward HARBORD.

On 2 October 1801 he corresponded with Thomas Astle (recordkeeper of ?) and referred to his brother, the Bishop of Carlisle [which brother?]. GB/NNAF/P29237 is the unique code used to identity him in the National Name Authority File in the National Archives. The archive files contain 12 items of correspondence between him and the Duke of Newcastle. A bookplate, thought to belong to him, consists of a square with the intertwined letters 'W' and 'V' surmounted by a baron's coronet and around the edge the motto Vernon semper viret. It is found on a number of 16th century Italian books.

He married (2) Jane Georgiana Fauquier (born Bef. 27 January 1747/48, d. 31 May 1823), daughter of William Fauquier and Grace Warner, esquire, of Hanover, on 25 May 1786. Georgiana was a frequent visitor to the estate of Lord Harcourt at Nuneham. (S10).

George died on 18 June 1813 in Spm, Park Place, Saint James, Westminster. He was buried in Sudbury, Derbyshire, England. After Vernon died in 1813, his title passed to his half-brother, the third Baron, the eldest son of the first Baron's third marriage.

Based on the autobiography of George Morris (S12), the Morris family feels that George Venables-Vernon was the "Lord Vernon", and "Craven Squire" who had an illegitimate child, also named George VERNON. This George was christened on 19 August 1770 at Bunbury, Cheshire, England; son of Mary Vernon. (S14). This George Vernon was the progenitor of a branch the Morris family. The Venables-Vernon denies such an illigetimate relationship, but so far there is no verfication either way.

WIFE (1):
Louisa Barbarina MANSEL
Louisa was born on 2 February 1733 in Of, Margam, Glamorganshire, Wales; daughter of Bussy Mansel, last Baron MANSEL of Morgan. She married George on 16 July 1757 in St.Geo Hanovrsq, Westminister, Middlesex, England. She died died (dsps) (in January 1776-S66)(on 16 Febraury 1786)).

CHILDREN of George and Louisa:
  1. George Venables-Vernon. Born on 18 November 1761 in (St.George Hanover Sq, Westminister, Middlesex, England). He died in Vp. He was buried on 10 March 1773 in Newick, Sussex, England.
  2. Louisa Barbara Venables-Vernon. Born (18 July 1765)(December 1787) in St. George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex, England. She died on 8 Jun 1785 in Unmd.
  3. Charlotte Venables-Vernon. Born on 2 May 1768. She died on 21 Mar 1770. She was buried on 26 March 1770 in , Newick, Susex, England.
  4. George Venables-Vernon. Born about 1772. He died in vp. He was buried on 10 March 1773 in Newick, Sussex, England.

WIFE (2):
Georgiana FAUQUIER

CHILDREN of George and Georgiana:
  1. Georgiana Vernon-Venables. Born on 9 January 1784. She married Edward Harbord, 3rd Baron Suffield (qv), son of Sir Harbord Harbord, 1st Baron Suffield and Mary Assheton, on 19 September 1809. She died on 13 September 1824.


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