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Morris Tucker and Elizabeth Stevens

[F7816]. Morris (Maurice) TUCKER. [W2-3].
Born 4 February 1642 in (Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts-S7)(in England-S2).

Said to be born at Kent, Gravesend, England; the son of John Tucker and Rose Struman, but there is no proof that this is correct.

Reasearch by the Tucker Society suggests that he was from near Bournemouth on the Dorset coast.

He was a cooper (barrel maker), brickmaker and schoolmaster.

He was a householder in Salisbury in 1659. Seventy-six names appear on the Contry Rate (County Rate) in 1659, including Morris Tucker.

A very old property list, undated but evidently belonging to his early years here(since there is only "one head" in his family) shows that he had:
2 Cows
4 Yearlings
1 3-year old
1 Horse
1 Swine
5 Sheep
3 Acres broke upland
3 Acres pasture
1 Head
2 Commonages

He married (1) Elizabeth STEVENS [F7817] ON 14 October 1661 at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth died in childbirth on 16 October 1662 in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

He married (2) Elizabeth GILL in 1663 (1664-S11) in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

On Jan. 5, 1663, William Huntingly of Salisbury, deeded for 15, to Morris Tucker, 30 acres of upland near Cobler's Brook on the highway leading to Haverhill. On 29 July 1668, he sold this same tract of land to John Gill, and described himself as a planter. (S13).

He was listed as "householder" in the Salisbury Petition, 1677. In the Massachusetts archives, Boston, is found a petition of "members of the church and inhabitants of the town of Salisbury," which contains the following names: "Householders" of Salisbury. ... Morris Tucker ..

. He took the oath of allegiance and fidleity before Thomas Bradbury, Captain of the Salisbury Militia, on 11 December 1677. (S13).

1679 The town acknowledged that Morris Tucker was to be paid L1-6-3 (S14).

1680 "In the year 1680 Morris Tucker was hired to be school master for the town of Salisbury by me William Osgood Sr in ye behalf of ye Seleckt as one of them to whom it doth corcern and to teach all that should come to him to read and write. Signed William Osgood Witness Morris Tucker Dated 1681 (S14).

He was a freeman in Salisbury in 1690. (S13).

Morris lived "on the plains" and the town historian says "John Gill lived at what is since called Gill's Corner at the Plains".(4) John Gill's will, dated September 1, 1690, is this item "I give and bequeath unto my Eldest Daughter Elizabeth Tucker 10 shillings."

In 1692, Morris and his wife signed a petition in favor of Mary Bradbury, wife of Capt. Thomas Bradbury. Mrs. Bradbury, having been tried for witchcraft, was convicted, but not executed. (S13).

He made the bricks for the parsonage house in 1693. The brickyard was on the farm he occupied. (S13).

On 7 February 1693, he deeded to his son James Tucker, for 10, a parcel of upland and swamp in Salisbury, near a place known as Munday Hill, which was granted to him by the commoners of Salisbury. On Mar. 28, 1699 he sold additional land to his son James. (S13).

On 7 May 1694, he deeded ten acres to his son James, for ten pounds.

He married (3) Grace WOOLLEY, about 1701.

He was of Tiverton, Rhode Island in February 1699-1700. He probably moved to Tiverton in 1699, as he deeded real property there to Samuel Joy on February 3 of that year.

He converted to the Society of Friends later in life and this was the reason that several of his sons and he left Salisbury for Tiverton. He was "warned out" of Tiverton in 1704 and settled in Providence where he died in 1711.

Four of his sons went to Rhode Island: John to Providence in that part that later became Glocester; James to Tiverton, and later to Warwick; Jabez to Westerly; and Morris to Westerly and Hopkinton. MORRIS either accompanied or followed these sons to Providence. (S13).

He died on (23 SEP 1711-S1,S4,S5) (30 JUL 1743-S2) at Tiverton, Newport County, Rhode Island.

He died on 23 September 1711 in Providence, Rhode Island; and was buried in Charlestown, Rhode Island (near)(SSE of) Pasquisett Pond (cemetery #30).

WIFE (1):
Elizabeth STEVENS. [W2-3].
Born on 2 November 1639, probably at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts; daughter of John STEVENS and Catharine CODMAN.

She married Morris TUCKER on 14 October 1661 in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

She died 16 October 1662, in childbirth, at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Morris TUCKER [F7816] and Elizabeth STEVENS [F7817]:
  1. [F3908]. Benoni TUCKER. [W2-3]. Born 16 October 1662 at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married Ebenezer NICHOLS in JUN 1686. He died about 1735 in Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(S4).

WIFE (2):
Elizabeth GILL.
Born 8 January 1646 in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts; daughter of John GILL and Phebe BUSWELL.

She married Morris Tucker in 1663 (1664-S11) in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Morris TUCKER [F7816] and Elizabeth GILL:
  1. John TUCKER. Born August 16, 1664 in Salisbury Massachusetts. He married (1) Abigail Mearnden. He married (2) Tryphena Ham about 1700 in Dover.
  2. Mary TUCKER. Born May 31, 1666. She married (1) Stephen Davis December 23, 1685. She married (2) Joseph Peasley January 1724/25. She died after 1738.
  3. James TUCKER. Born December 28, 1667 in Salisbury Massachusetts.
  4. Sarah TUCKER. Born May 19, 1670.
  5. Joseph TUCKER. Born 20 February 1671-1672. He died in June 1743.
  6. Jabez TUCKER. Born 5 February 1674-1675 in Salisbury Massachusetts. He moved to Tiverton, RI with his father between 1694 and 1700. He married Rebecca KNIGHT. He moved from Tiverton to Westerly (now Charlestown) by 1707. He died in 1724 (inventory 31 Oct, (We 2A:144,182)) and was probably buried in Charlestown, RI.
  7. Elizabeth TUCKER. Born 7 April 1677. She married Daniel Pearce 13 December 1703. She died after 1728.
  8. Morris TUCKER. Born 6 September 1679 in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

WIFE (3):
Born in April 1666; daughter of Emmanuel Woolley and Elizabeth Freeman of Newport, Rhode Island.

She married (1) Jacob Lippencott (Lippincott), son of Richard Lippincott and Abigail, about 1680. Jacob and Grace resided in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Jacob and Grace Lippincott are witnesses at the marriage of John Tucker to Ruth Woolley, her sister, on 25 April 1688. The signature of Grace Lippincott, in the right hand column, immediately precedes those of Mary Allen, another sister, and of Marcy Woolley, a sister-in-law.

Jacob died in Shrewsbury on 6 February 1689.

Several subsequent marriages are attributed to her:
  1. She married John Test in 1691 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  2. She married Morris Tucker about 1701 (S11) in in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  3. She married John Bacon about 1707 in New Castle County, Delaware.
  4. She married Richard Woodnut on 27 August 1718 in Salem County, New Jersey.

1690, .... Letters of administration on the estate of Jacob Lippincott, deceased, intestate, granted to John Test and wife, of Philadelphia. This indicates that her marriage to John Test is correct.

Apparently, John and Grace Test continued to live in Philadelphia. (S12). Grace and John Test had a total of eleven children born between 1691 and 1706. John and his family moved from Philadelphia to Delaware. John died there in 1706. (S12). This would preclude a marriage to Morris Tucker in 1701.

It appears that the marriage of John Bacon to the widow Gract Test in Delaware is also correct. [see also S12]. This leaves in question the validity of the marriage of Morris Tucker to Grace Woolley. I have not seen an original source for the marriage of Morris Tucker to Grace.

Grace died after December 1717. Her date of death and resting place is not known.


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