Hervey de SUTTON

[F3961520128]. Hervey de SUTTON
Harvey de Sutton 1st - was born about 1050, lived in Sutton, Notingham, England and died after 1079 .

Harvey - 1st Lord of Sutton on 1079.

"The Suttons were Normans in the beginning and before anybody had a surname in the modern sense. It is one of the few names which is practically without variants, although one New England forbearer tried "Sutten" apparently, however, with indifferent success, as few, if any of the family now spell it with an "e". The first Sutton was a Norman and in the train of William the Conqueror when he started upon his never-to-be-forgotten expedition. Sutton-upon-Trent was granted to him as his share of the spoils, to have and to hold forever, and so the Norman Sutton became an English Sutton. (All of this information on the Sutton family is from page 6, 7 and 8 of an unknown publication with the heading of "Decendants of the Sutton-Beasley family of Brown Co., Ohio.")

Sud-tun, meaning a place of dwelling in the South, is the original form of Sutton, and is the name of a large number of towns in England.

More than fifty coats of arms have been granted to the family, which indicates their rank among the English gentry. There were the Suttons of Sutton, in Holderness; the Suttons of Sutton-Madoc, in Shropshire; and the Suttons of Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. These were three among the many branches of the family tree planted in England by the Norman founder."


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