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Thomas Straight and Elizabeth Kimball

Born in (1619-S4) 1627; son of Thomas STRAIGHT [F4548]. He was in Watertown in 1644. He took the oath of allegiance 1652. He married Elizabeth KIMBALL [F2275]. He was a captain. Will written 4 OCT 1681. He died 22 NOV 1681. In his nuncup. will, he gave portions to the daughters and good provision for life to his wife.

Christened 1 NOV 1629 at Mistly, Sussex (Essex-S5), England; daughter of Henry KEMBALL [F4550] and Susanna STONE [F4551]. Elizabeth Kimball was on the passenger list with Henry Kimball and Susanna Stone on 30 April 1634; on the ship Elizabeth out of Ipswich. She married Thomas STRAIGHT [F2274]. She died on 1 JAN 1718-1719 at Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Thomas STRAIGHT [F2274] and Elizabeth KIMBALL [F2275]:
  1. [F1137]. Elizabeth STRAIGHT. Born about 1653 at Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She married 6 JUN 1668 (6 JUN 1684-S4,S5)(1685-S3), as his second wife, Joseph WELLINGTON [F1136]. She died 3 JUL 1714 (30 OCT 1715) at Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
  2. Susanna STRAIGHT. Born in 1657. She married John WELLINGTON.
  3. Thomas STRAIGHT. Born 19 Feb. 1660. He married Mary. They had no children. He was a freeman in 1690, and a representative in 1716.