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Rukard Stoddard and Ann

Rukard Stoddard.
Born about 1454 in (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire-S1)(Kent-S3), England; son of John Stoddard.

He married Ann Stodert. (S1).

William Stoddard came from Normandy to England, A. D. 1066, with William the Conqueror, who was his cousin. Of his descendants we find record of Rukard Stoddard, of Nottingham, Kent, near Eltham, about seven miles from London Bridge, where was located the family estate of about four hundred acres, which was in possession of the family in 1490, how much before is not known, and continued until the death of Nicholas Stoddard, a bachelor, in 1765. From him the line is: Thomas Stoddard of Royston; John Stoddard of Gundon; William Stoddard of Royston; John Stoddard of Royston; Anthony Stoddard of London; Gideon Stoddard of London; Anthony Stoddard of London; William Stoddard of London. Anthony Stoddard, of London, emigrated to Boston Bay Colony, Massachusetts, about 1639. The name is derived from the office of standard bearer, and was anciently written De La Standard. (S2).

He died in 1499 in Rushton Spencer, Saint Helens, Merseyside, England (S1); and was buried at Saint Helens, Merseyside, England. (S3).

Ann. (S1,S3).
Born in 1448 in Leek, Staffordshire, England.

CHILDREN of Rukard Stoddard and Ann
  1. Edward Stoddard. Born in 1502 in Edmonton, London, England. (S1). He married Agnes Petty. (S1). He died in 1552 in Edmonton, London, England. (S1).
  2. Hugh Stoddard.

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