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John Stevens and Elizabeth Parker

(Sergeant) John Stevens. [W2-12].
Born in 1605 at Caversham, Oxford, England; son of John STEVENS [F31268] and Alice ATKINS [F31269].

He was christened on 7 July 1605 at Caversham, Oxford, England (S3).

Lived at Caversham in County of Oxford, but Drake in Genealogy Reg. XIV. 335 reads the name of the Parish Gonsham. {S8}.

He married Elizabeth Parker (in 1638)(about 1638-S3), probably in Caversham, Oxford, England.

The Stevens family sailed from Southampton, England on the Confidence in April of 1638, arriving in Massachusetts that year. (S4). He was recorded as a husbandman from Cavensham, Oxford, England. With him were his wife Elizabeth, born 1613, his mother, Alice and his brother William, then 21 years of age, and two servants, John Lowgie, age 16, and Grace Lowgie.

He emigrated to New England with his widowed mother, Alice, and his brother William STEVENS (age 21) in the ship Confidence in April 1638. (S9). His brother William settled at Newbury, Massachusetts. His mother lived with William in Newbury, where she died.

The Confidence of London (two hundred tons), John Gibson, Master. She sailed from Southampton the last of April, by vertue of the Lord Treasuurers warrant of the 11th of April, 1638..

John settled first in Newbury in 1638, where he is listed as a proprietor.

He was made a Freeman on 18 May 1642 in Newbury.

John moved to Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts about 1646. He was granted a lot of 12 acres.

According to Moses T. Stevens, the homestead of John Stevens was in North Andover Centre, south of the mill pond, near the crossing of the B. *
He died on 11 April 1662 in Andover, Massachusetts. (S3,S4,S8). His gravestone has been enclosed in granite and placed near the old lot in the First Cemetery in North Andover. His stone reads, Here Lyes Buried The Body of Mr. John Stevens Who Deceased ye 11 Day of April 1662 in ye 57 Year of His Age.

On 24 June 1662, Administration of his estate was granted to widow, Elizabeth.

[F15705]. Elizabeth Parker. (Mary-S7). [W2-12].
Born (about 1610-S1)(about 1612-1613-S7,S8)(about 1613-S3,S4,S5) in England.

She married John STEVENS (in 1638)(about 1638-S3), probably in Caversham, Oxford, England. .

She died (in May 1691-S1)(on 1 May 1694-S3,S4,S8,S11), at age 81, at Andover, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of John Stevens and Elizabeth Parker:
  1. [F7852]. (Lieutenant) John STEVENS. [W2-12]. Born on 20 June 1639 at Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married (1) Hannah BARNARD [F7853], daughter of Robert Bernard and Joan Harvey, on 13 June 1662 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts (S6). Hannah died 13 March 1674-1675 at Andover. He married (2) Esther BARKER, daughter of Richard Barker and Johannah (Joan), on 10 August 1676 in Andover, Massachusetts. {S7, S8}. Esther was born in 1651 and died suddenlyon 25 June 1713 in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. John died on 4 March 1688-89 at Casco Bay, Cumberland County, Maine, in Service in the Indian War. (S1,S3). Esther died on 25 June 1713 at Andover, Massachusetts.
  2. (CPT) Timothy Stevens. Born on 22 September 1641 in Newbury (S3,S11), Massachusetts. He married Sarah Davis, daughter of Tobias Davis, on 12 March 1664-1665. Sarah was born on 10 Feburary 1647, and died on 5 April 1695. Timothy was a deacon, also Ensign. He helped capture Castle and Fort Hill when Andros was driven away in 1689. Timothy died on 31 January 1707-1708 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. (S3).
  3. (Cornet) Nathan Stevens. Born about 1643-1644 in Andover, Massachusetts, said to be the first birth in Andover. He married Elizabeth ABBOTT on 24 October 1692 at Andover. [S11 says that he never married. His descendants will probably disagree.]. He was a Surveyor, also a Tithingman. He died on (19 February 1717-1718-S3)(25 September 1740-S7,S8) in Andover, Massachusetts. (S3).
  4. Elizabeth Stevens. Born about 1645-1646 in Andover, Massachusetts. She married Joshua Woodman on 22 January 1665 in Andover, Massachusetts (S6). Joshua was born in 1636, and died on 30 May 1703. Elizabeth died before 6 September 1714 in Newbury, Massachusetts. (S3,S5).
  5. (Ensign) Ephraim stevens. Born about 1648-1649 in Andover, Massachusetts. He was a Scout. He was in the Narragansett War. In 1679 he received a grant of land to repay his loss in the Indian raid. He married Sarah Abbott, daughter of George Abbott, on 11 October 1680 in Andover, Massachusetts. Sarah was born on 14 November 1659; she died on (28-S7,S8)(29-S3) June 1711. Ephraim died on (15-S3)(26-S7,S8,S11) June 1718. (S3).
  6. Mary Stevens. Born (about 1649-S11)(on 6 July 1652) in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. She married (CPT) John Barker, son of Richard Barker and Joan, on 6 July 1670 in Andover, Massachusetts (S6). She died on 1 May 1703. (S3).
  7. (Deacon) Joseph Stevens. Born on 15 May 1654 in Andover, Massachusetts. He married (1) Mary Ingalls, daughter of Henry Ingalls and Mary Osgood, on 28 May 1679 in Andover, Massachusetts. Mary was born on 28 January 1659; she died on 21 September 1699. He married (2) Elizabeth Brown of Salem on 13 November 1700. Elizabeth died on 16 September 1745. Joseph died on 25 February 1742-1743 at Andover, Massachusetts. (S3).
  8. (CPT) Benjamin Stevens. Born on 24 June 1656 in Andover, Massachusetts. He married Susanna Chickering of Bradford, widow of John chickering of Charlestown, on 18 October 1715. Intentions were filed on 3 September 1715 at Andover. She was the daughet of Zachary Symmes of Bradford. Benjamin was a magistrate (Justice of the Peace). He was in the Indian War in 1725. While away with his company, the Indians looted his home. Benjamin died on 8 January 1729-1730 at Andover, Massachusetts; and was buried in the old cemetery in North Andover. He died without male issue. Susanna died about 20 July 1753. (S3).
  9. Erasmus STEVENS. Born in Andover, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Clarke, on Boston tax tolls 1674. [His place in this family is questionable. He does not appear in all family records].