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John Stevens and Alice Atkins

John STEVENS. [W2-12].
Born about 1575 at Caversham, Oxfordshire, England

He was possibly the son of either John STEVENS or William STEVENS [F62536], both of Caversham, Oxford, England.

John and William were both taxed in Caversham in subsidies of 1576-1577, 1580-1581, 1593-1594, and 1598-1599. (NEHGR, Vol. 85:398)

He married Alice ATKINS on 27 February (1596-1597)(1597-1598-NEHGR) at Caversham, Oxford, England.

He is presumably the John Stevens who was buried on 21 September 1627 at Caversham, Oxfordshire, England. {S5}.

This ancestor John STEVENS is often confused with another ancestor John STEVENS [15704], who settled in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. The Andover STEVENS families are completely separate from the Salisbury STEVENS families.

[F31269]. Alice ATKINS. [W2-12].
Christened 14 OCT 1576 at (Cardington, Bedford-S5)(Caversham, Oxford-S1), England; daughter of (John-S?)(George-S?) ATKINS. [check John and George ATKINS to determine the correct father].

She survived her husband and accompanied her sons, John and William, when they emigrated to New England in the ship Confidence in April 1638, and was perhaps identical with the Anne Stevens, widow, who was buried on 17 July 16509 at Newbury, Massachusetts, where her son William had settled. (S5)

CHILDREN of John STEVENS [F31268] and Alice ATKINS [F31269]:
  1. Jane STEVENS. Born on 2 January 1602 at Caversham, Oxford, England. She married William Godleman in 1631.
  2. [F15634]. (Sergeant) John STEVENS.
  3. Humphrey Stevens. Born about 1608 at Caversham, Oxford, England.
  4. Barbara STEVENS. Born on 11 September 1611 at Caversham, Oxford, England. She married William Ilsley in 1637. She died after 1681 at Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  5. William STEVENS. Born on 1 September 1616 at Caversham, Oxford, England. He married Elizabeth Bidfield in 1645.
  6. Susan STEVENS. Born in 1617 at Caversham, Oxford, England. She died on 28 July 1617 at Caversham, Oxford, England.