Matthias St. John (1588) and Elizabeth

Matthias (Matthew) ST. JOHN. [see PC M2-10].
Born (about 1588-S1,S3) in England.(S1).

He married Elizabeth [F4263], possibly about 1605 to 1610.

It is estimated that he died sometime between 1620 and 1654. (S1).

[It is by no means clear that these are the parents of Sarah, or even that Sarah was a ST JOHN, but if she is, these are the current best guess for her parents. It is clear from the dates that she cannot be the daughter of the Matthias ST JOHN who was christened in 1628.]

Elizabeth. [see PC M2-10].
Born (about 1592-S1,S3). It is estimated that she died sometime between 1620-1686. (S1).

Possible CHILDREN of Matthias St John and Elizabeth:
  1. Sarah ST JOHN. [see PC M2-10]. Born about 1614 in England. She married John GREGORY about 1635-1637. She died on 9 October 1689 at Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut.