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Thomas Shannon and Ann Rand

Thomas SHANNON. (Shanin-S21)(Shanen-S21,S26)(Shannon). Ancestors.

Based on the date of his marriage and the birth of his children, he was likely born about 1725, said to have been in Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. (S20).

Thomas Shannon is often said to be the son of Nathaniel Shannon and Abigail Vaughan. Dr. Thomas Shannon, M.D. (1783-1864) of East Moultonboro, New Hampshire, compiled a sketch of the Vaughan and Shannon families, published in 1851 in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, in which he related the story of the emigrant Nathaniel Shannon. He says that he came to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and that on the journey he had a son born, who was named Sea-born Shannon. It is obvious from the rest of the narration that this Sea-born Shannon is the same as Nathaniel Shannon who married Abigail Vaughan. Hodgdon (S1) makes mention of the fact that this story relies on family tradition, related many years after the events. Nathaniel Shannon, who married Abigail Vaughan, was born 9 December 1689 in Boston, Massachusetts; son of Nathaniel SHANNON and Elizabeth. He was engaged in trade in Ipswich, Massachusetts. He moved from Ipswich to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where he was a shipping merchant. He was also engaged in the fishing industry. He married Abigail Vaughan in 1714 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Family tradition says that in 1720 he moved to the West Indies and remained there engaged in commercial enterprises until his death, which appears to have occured in or before 1723 in Barbados, West Indies. (S13). This would preclude him from being the father of Thomas Shannon, who is thought to have been born about 1725 in Rye.

My belief is that he was the son of Thomas Shannon. This Thomas Shannon (senior) is first mentioned in that he came from the Shoals (S13), a series of island about 10 miles off the coast of New Hampshire. The earliest actual written record of Thomas Shannon (senior) is in 1726, when he is on the record signing a petition in New Castle, New Hampshire. The next record of this Thomas Shannon is when he was taxed in New Castle, New Hampshire in 1728. New Castle included the area that is now Rye. The town of Rye still today includes four of the nine islands known as the Isles of Shoals. So the area now known as Rye previously including areas of New Castle as well as The Isle of Shoals. A person named Thomas Shannon died on 31 May 1752 in Rye, Rockingham, New Hampshire. It has not been adequately shown who this Thomas was. I believe it was his father, Thomas Shannon (senior), the immigrant ancestor. A Thomas Shannon appears as a resident of Rye beginning in 1747. (S19). Though this could have been Thomas Shannon (who married Anne Rand), who would have then been about age 22, it was more likely his proposed father, Thomas Shannon (senior), especially in light of the death in 1752.

The next mention of a Thomas Shannon in the records is Thomas Shannon who married Anne RAND, a sister of Nathaniel Rand, on 31 MAY 1753 at Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. (S11).

What this says to me is that the immigrant ancestor probably was Thomas Shannon, that he was the one who died in 1752 in Rye, and that the Thomas Shannon who married Anne Rand in 1753 in Rye was probably his son.

Some records (Locke Genealogy) say he married Mary Rand. (S23). This is obviously an error, as the Rye records clearly state that he married Anne Rand.

Thomas Shannon and Ann Rand had children born in Rye, according to offical Rye vital records:
1. Elizabeth (Bettie) Shannon. Born on 18 September 1753 at Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. (S11,S26).
2. There was a Thomas Shannon christened on 17 February 1754 at Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. (S25). He is not mentioned in the official Rye vital records, other than this christening record
3. William Shannon. Born on 25 August 1755 in Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. (S11).
4. John Shannon. Born on 16 August 1757 in Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. (S11).

The last mention of Thomas Shannon in Rye is in 1761 (S19), though son Samuel is said to have been born in Rye in 1762. (S11). Thomas Shannon and Ann Rand then moved to Chester, where they apparently lived until their deaths. The first mention of Thomas Shannon in Chester is in 1763. (S19).

Chester is in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. The incorporation of the Town of Chester began in 1719 with a petition to the Royal Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony from 125 proprietors. The grant was issued in 1720, and the town was incorporated in 1722. Of the original 125 proprietors, only 13 actually settled in Chester. Future settlers were primarily Scotch-Irish. Eventually outlying areas broke away and were incorporated their own towns. These included Candia (1763), Raymond, Hooksett, Auburn, and Derryfield.

One interesting note is that he is said to have had no permanent residence (S13,S18), probably meaning that he was a renter rather than a property owner. It appears that this refers to his time in Chester.

In the summer of 1778 a brigade was sent from New Hampshire to Rhode Island, a part of Col. Peabody's Regiment. Among them were three Shannons (Thomas, William and John), apparently the sons of Thomas and Anne. They entered service on 1 June 1778 and were discharged on 1 January 1779. (S13,S18).

Thomas Shannon is mentioned as being in Chester in 1782. (S19).

In the 1790 Census, he is living in Chester with his wife and another female in the household. (S14). Daughter Sarah was apparently married already by this date. This other female could have been Elizabeth (Bettie), for whom we have no marriage record.
Thomas Shannon appears in the 1790 Census in Chester as follow:
Thos. Shannon.
Free white males of 16 years & upwards including heads of families: 1
Free white females including heads of families: 2 (S14).
This would be: Thomas, Ann, and possibly Bettie.

Note that a Thomas Shannon appears on the Tax List of 1798-1799 in Chester (S19), but this is likely the son of Thomas and Ann.

Ann RAND. (Anne-S?) [PC T4], [CHART A1].
Born 13 August 1727 at Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire; daughter of Amos RAND and Ester PHILBRICK.

Anne Rand Daufter of Amos Rand and Esther his wife was born August the 13, 1727. (S21).

[Note: It is also said that she was born in Portsmouth (S10). Rye is now within the bounds of Portsmouth, so she should still be listed as having been born in Rye.

She married Thomas SHANNON on 31 May 1753 (S1,S5) at Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

She died on 18 October 1811. (S5).




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