Henry Scott and Martha Whatlock

Henry SCOTT.
Born about 1560 in England; son of (Edmond SCOTT and Joan)(William SCOTT-S5). He was christened on 1 November 1650 at Bradsfield, St. George, Suffolk, England. He married Martha WHATLOCK on 25 July 1594 in Rattlesden, Suffolk County, England. Henry Scott's will was made "24 September 1625 in the 21st year of James of England by Henry Scott of Rattlesden in the Co. of Suffolk and the diocese of Norwich." He died in 1624 in Rattlesden, England, and was buried on 24 December 1624 in Rattlesden, England. His will was proved in the court of the Arch deacon of Sudbury 10 January 1625.

Daughter of Thomas WHATLOCK and Joan. She was christened on (15)(18-S1,S2) July 1568 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England. She married (1) Henry SCOTT on 25 July 1594 in Rattlesden, Suffolk County, England. Ten years after her husband's death she set sail for America with her son, Thomas SCOTT, her daughter Ursula (Scott) Kemball, their spouses, and ten grandchildren from the ages of one to eighteen. This family group embarked on the ship Elizabeth of Ipswich on the last of April 1634, taking the oath of allegiance at the customs house before sailing. Martha Scott's age is given on the list as 60, although she was actually 66. The families soon settled at Ipswich, Massachusetts, after a short stay for the Scotts in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and for the Kemballs in Watertown, Massachusetts. Martha Scott died in December 1643 at Ipswich, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Henry Scott and Martha Whatlock
  1. Thomas SCOTT. Christened 26 February 1594-1595 in Rattlesden, England. He married Elizabeth STRUTT on 20 July 1620. They moved to New England in 1634. Thomas Scott's will was dated 8 March 1653/4 and was probated 28 March 1654.
  2. Ursala SCOTT. Christened on (4)(14-S3) FEB 1596-1597 in Rattlesden, England. She married Richard KIMBALL in 1613 in England. He was born about 1595 in England. She died 1 March 1660 at Ipswich, Massachusetts. (although another record gives her death as 17 June 1656). Richard Kimball married second, 23 Oct 1661, Margaret (Cole) Dow, widow of Henry Dow of Hamptom, New Hampshire. He died Jun 22, 1675 in Ipswich,Essex, MA.. Occupation Wheelwright.
  3. Roger SCOTT. Christened 15 NOV 1604 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England. He married Sarah Grimwood on 26 FEB 1627-1628 in Rattlesden, England. He was buried 17 August 1676.
  4. Dorothy SCOTT c1606-bef 1614. (S6).