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Hans Georg Ruesch and (1) (Elsbeth Sturzenegger?); (2) Elsbeth Messmer

[F1202]. Hans Georg RUESCH.
Born on 5 January 1647 at St. Margrethen, St. Gallen Canton, Switzerland; son of Jakob RUESCH [F2404] and Anna TOBLER [F2405]. (S1).

He married (1) possibly Elsbeth STURZENEGGER. (S1).

He married (2) Elsbeth MESSMER in 1679. (S1).

WIFE (1):

WIFE (2):
Elsbeth MESSMER.
Born about 1658 at Thal, St. Gallen Canton, Switzerland. (S1).

CHILDREN of Hans Georg Ruesch and (2) Elsbeth Messmer:
  1. [F601]. Elsbeth RUESCH. Born on 10 June 1688 at St. Margrethen, St. Gallen Canton, Switzerland. She married Wilhelm BRASSEL [F600].