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RIDOREDH Count of Vannes

RIDOREDH Count of Vannes. [BOYD Family Chart].
Born (about 825)(about 830) in Bretagne, France; often said to be the son of ErispoŽ de Bretagne and Marmoec de Poher, but this is probably not accurate. Evidence for a connection to Erispoe is not found.

There are many Ancestry.com Family trees (and probably other internet genealogy sites) that list Ridoredh, but all appear to be either unsourced or using other family trees as their source. (S1).

Many list as his parents ErispoŽ, Duke of Bretagne (Brittany) and his [mother] Marmoec (de Poher) but there is no primary evidence, or even well-researched secondary evidence for this relationship. There are sometimes other variations in that Marmoec de Poher is listed as his wife, rather than his mother, but again there is no documentary evidence for this. (S1).

Even though there are a number of charters with a Ridoredh (or similar name variations) as a signatory, indicating that the person, or people were of the Breton nobility, it is impossible to claim that Ridoredh was count of Vannes, Nantes or any other area of Brittany, which has found its way into many modern genealogies. (S1,S4).

S2 calls him an unrelated landowner, but not the son of ErispoŽ de Bretagne. (S2).

Vannes has been used for this profile only because his two possible sons seemed to have been known as Comte de Vannes. (S1).

He is said to have died in 857 (S1), but it was Erispoe who died on 12 November 857 (S1,S2).

CHILDREN of RIDOREDH Count of Vannes:
  1. Pascwethen. There are a few primary documents that state that Pascwethen and Alain I, were brothers, but there is only one mention in an eleventh century collection of Angevin genealogies that their father's name was Ridoredh. This also states that Pascwethen was legitimate and Alain, illegitimate, but there is no listing for a mother of either of the sons. (S1,S4). He married Prostlon, daughter of Salomon, king of Brittany. Along with a certain Gurvand, Pascweten was joint ruler of Brittany after the death of king Salomon. (S4).
  2. ALAIN I Duc of Dol . [BOYD Family Chart]. (le Grand). Alan was the second son of Count Ridoredh of Vannes.