RICHOMER, Patrician of Burgundy

RICHOMER, Patrician of Burgundy. [Ricomere]
Born about 555; son of BETTON, nobleman from Orléans and Austregilde Aiga. He married GARITRUDE, abbess of Hamage. He died after 607.

GARITRUDE. [Gertrude], Abbess of Hamage.
born circa 560; daughter of THEODEBALD. She died in DEC 649.

CHILDREN of RICHOMER, Patrician of Burgundy
  1. BERTRUDIS. [Bertrude], queen of the Franks. Born about 582. She married LOTHARIUS II the Great [Clotaire], king of Neustria, king of the Franks prior to 613. She died in 618.