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William Rathbone and Ellen

The earliest records of RATHBONE in Lancashire have been found in the parish of Farnworth, near Ditton. Amongst the early entries in the Farnworth parish registers there is a William RATHBONE who was thought to have been born before 1538, and died in 1587, and was buried at Farnworth on 8 June 1587.

He is said by some family files in Ancestry.com to be the son of Richard Rathbone (born 1512-died 1550), of Prescott, England; but no sources for this are given.

He married Ellen (Elline-S4) on (2-S1)(8-S2,S4) February 1566 at (Farnworth-S1,S4)(Ditton-S3), by Prescott, Lancashire, England.

She married William RATHBONE.

She was buried at Farnworth on 30 November 1587. (S1).

CHILDREN of William RATHBONE [F16992] and Ellen [F16993]:
  1. William RATHBONE. Born in 1562(S1) in England. (S3). He died before 1577.(S3). Thomas RATHBONE (1563-before 1566)
  2. Thomas RATHBONE. Born 28 December 1566 in England. (S1,S3). He married Grace COPPOWE on 13 October 1588 (S1,S3), (daughter of John COPPOWE-S3) at Farnworth, Lancashire, England. (S3). He died 7 November 1623 (S1,S3) at Ditton, Lancashire, England.(S3). (see below)
  3. Ellen RATHBONE. Born about 1569 (S1) in England. (S3). She was of Ditton, Lancashire, England.(S3). She (married-S1)(may have married-S3) John SMITH on 27 November 1591.(S1,S3).
  4. Richard RATHBONE. Born in 1570. (S1). He married Mary Anne WHIPPLE. (S3). He died 7 Nov 1623 at Ditton, Lancashire, England.(S3).
  5. Hamlet RATHBONE (1571- )
  6. John RATHBONE. Born in 1571(S1) in England (S3).
  7. Hugh RATHBONE. Born in 1573(S1) in England (S3).
  8. William RATHBONE. Born in 1577 (S1) in England. He was of Ditton, Lancashire, England.(S3). He married Isabella (BUTCHER-S1)(BUCKS/BUCHS-S3) 27 AUG 1605 at Farnworth Chapel, Ditton, Lancashire, England. (S3).