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Randulfus. (Ranulphus de Mesnil Warin-S4). [see Descendants].
Born about (1030-S3)(1045) at Contentin, Normandy, France.

He came to England as a tenant of Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester and Vicomte of the Cotentin in Normandy. He was one of 32 persons to receive part of Cheshire from William the Conqueror. He was given 15 lordships (Blacon, Winnington, Tatton, Nether Peover, Warford, Over Peover, Cepmondwich, Owlarton, Snelson, Cogshull, Wheelock, Telton, Northenden, Sunderland, and Baggiley, and Waybourne, Norfolk). (S3,S4).

Randulfus was lord of various towns in Cheshire and Norfolk, England, at the time of the Domesday survey in 1086. (S1,S3).

He died after 1086 in Cheshire. (S3).


NOTE: S4 says there is a generation between Randulfus and Roger. It gives:
\ then Roger.

CHILDREN of Randulfus:
  1. Roger MESNILWARIN. [see PC M2-10-4-5-1]. Gave Plumley to Chester Abbey, England before 1119.
  2. Richard Mesnilwarin. (S3).
  3. Rosein Mesnilwarin. (daughter). (S3).