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Amos Rand and Esther Philbrick

Amos RAND. [PC T4].
Born (about 1703-S?)(in 1703-S1,S3,S3)(in 1705-S?) in (Dov-S1,S2)(Dow-S3)(Dover-S?), Strafford County, New Hampshire; son of Nathaniel RAND and Elizabeth MARDEN.

His birth was undoubtedly in the town of Dover, in Strafford County. Dover was settled in 1623 as Hilton's Point by brothers William and Edward Hilton, London fishmongers. They had been sent from London by The Company of Laconia, which intended to establish a colony and fishery. In 1633, this Plantation, called Cochecho, was bought by a group of English Puritans who planned to settle in New England, including Viscount Saye and Sele, Baron Brooke and John Pym. They promoted colonization in America, and that year Hilton's Point was the arrival point of numerous immigrant pioneers, many from Bristol. The town was called Dover in 1637 by the new governor, Reverend George Burdett. The Cochecho Massacre (or Raid on Dover) occurred here on 7 September 1676, when during the King Philip's War the Massachusetts militia ordered Major Richard Waldron to attack the natives and turn combatants over to them. Waldron took the natives prisoner by tirckery. As a result, thirteen years passed and settlers believed the incident had been forgotten when King William's War began and members of the newly formed Wabanaki Confederacy arrived. On June 27, 1689 the Indians took their revenge on Waldron and Fifty-two colonists, a full quarter of the entire population, were captured or slain. During Father Rale's War, in August and September 1723, there were Indian raids on Saco, Maine and Dover, New Hampshire. The following year Dover was raided again and Elizabeth Hanson wrote her captivity narrative from Father Rale's War. It was inbetween these wars that Amos was born in Dover. (S10).

He was a cord-wainer. {S5}. A cordwainer was a worker in leather.

Amos Rand, cordwainer, lived on the corner where William Cutter Garland resided and opposite the store of the latter's son, Charles D. Garland. {S9}.

He married Hester (Ester-S9) PHILBRICK [F951] in 1726-1727 in Newbury, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, both of Rye {S4,S5}, in Queen Anne's Chapel (Episcopal) {S4}.

One of thier daughter is said to have lived up country, and was killed by lightning. (S9).

He died 15 September 1740 in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. {S2}.

Ester Philbrick. (Ester-S1,S4) (Hester-S1) (Philbrik). [PC T4], [CHART A1].
Born 2 May 1699 at (Portsmouth-S1,S3)(Hampton-S7 implied), Rockingham County, New Hampshire; daughter of Joseph PHILBRICK and Tryphena MARSTON.

She married Amos Rand about 1726-1727 in Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

  1. Ann RAND. [PC T4]. Born 13 August 1727 at Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. She married Thomas SHANNON on 31 May 1753 at Rye, Rockingham, New Hampshire. {S1}. She died on 18 October 1811. {S1}.
  2. Philbrick RAND. Born on 11 December 1729 in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. He married Deborah WELLS in 1742 in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  3. Esther RAND. Born on 13 May 1732 in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  4. Joseph RAND. Born on 1 March 1734 in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. He married Susannah GOSS.
  5. Elizabeth RAND. Born on 12 April 1736 in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  6. Sarah RAND. Born on 12 February 1738 in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  7. Nathaniel RAND. Born 21 May 1740 in Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. {S6}. He married Bethia Rand, dau. of Joshua Rand and Ruth Philbrick, on 22 January 1761 in Rye, Rochingham County, New Hampshire. {S6}.



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