RAMON Berenguer IV, Count of Provence

RAMON Berenguer IV, Count of Provence and Forcalquier.
Born in 1195; son of ALFONSO II, Count of Provence, and GERSINDE, Countess of Forcalquier, of Sabran..

After his father's death (1209), Ramon was imprisoned in a castle in Aragon until he was able to escape in 1219 and claim his inheritance. He was a powerful and energetic ruler who added Forcalquier to his domain.

Ramon married Beatrice of Savoy on 5 June 1219.

He died on 19 August 1245.

Beatrice of Savoy. Of Maurienne.
Daughter of Thomas I of Savoy. She was a shrewd and politically astute woman, whose beauty was likened by Matthew Paris to that of a second Niobe.

CHILDREN of RAMON Berenguer IV, Count of Provence, and Beatrice:
  1. (son). stillborn.
  2. (son). stillborn.
  3. Marguerite of Provence (1221-1295), wife of Louis IX of France
  4. Eleanor of Provence (1223-1291), wife of Henry III, King of England.
  5. Sanchia of Provence (1228-1261), wife of Richard, Earl of Cornwall
  6. Beatrice of Provence (1231-1267), wife of Charles I of Sicily