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PRIAM. King of Troy. (Greek: Priamos)(Podarces)(Podarge). [CHART A1], [CHART A17].
Born (about 1250-S?)(in 1183BC-S9), son of LAOMEDON.

He ruled Troy from 1233BC to 1181BC. (S6). It should be noted that the city most think of as Troy was actually called Ilium or Illiona (also Ilius). Troy was the nation of which Illiona was the capital.

He married (1) Arisbe.

He married (2) Hecuba. His chief wife. Hecuba, bore him twenty children.

He married (3) ?. Another wife (4), Laothoe, was the mother of Lycaon. (S8).

He also fathered Cebriones with a slave (5).

He was the high King of Troy during the ten year battle with the Mycenean Greeks in the Trojan War of Homer's Illiad. .(S5).

Priam was originally called Podarge (or Podarces) and he kept himself from being killed by Heracles by giving him a golden veil embroidered by his sister, Hesione. After this, Podarge changed his name to Priam, meaning "ransomed".

Polydorus, Priam's youngest son, was sent with gifts of jewelry and gold to the court of King Polymestor to keep him safe during the Trojan War. The fighting was getting vicious and Priam was frightened for the child's safety. After Troy fell, Polymestor threw Polydorus to his death to take the treasure for himself. Hecuba eventually avenged her son.

When Hector was killed by Achilles, Priam walked into the Greek encampment and begged for Hector's body so he could be buried. Achilles agreed, though he had already dragged the body around Troy three times.

He was slain on the night the Greeks took the city, in (1181BC-S6)(1183BC-S?). He had armed himself and was about to mingle with the combatants when Hecuba prevailed upon him to take refuge with her and their daughters at the altar of Jupitar. While there, his youngest son Polites, pursued by Pyrrhus (Neoptolemus) the son of Achilles, rushed in wounded and expired at the feet of his father; whereupon Priam, overcome with indignation, hurled his spear with feeble hand against Pyrrhus, but was slain by him.

Priam was eventually sacrificed to Zeus by Neoptolemus, Achilles' son.

All his brothers were killed by Heracles in the sack of Troy.

WIFE (1):
Daughter of Merops the Seer

CHILDREN of PRIAM and Arisbe:
  1. Aesacus. (S5).
  2. Cassandra (S8).
  3. Creusa (S8).

WIFE (2):
HECUBA. Queen of Troy.
Of Phrygia.

CHILDREN of PRIAM and Hecuba:
  1. Sobil.
  2. Alexander. (Paris). (S8). Of the Iliad of Greek mythology. He fell in love with Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta, and took her to Troy. He was killed in the Trojan War. [(S5), Bulfinch, 1968].
  3. Helenus. (S5, S8).
  4. CRUESA. (S5,S8)(Cassandra-S9). She married Aeneas, King of Latium.
  5. Laodice. (S5).
  6. Polyxena. She was sacrificed upon the tomb of Achilles by the Greeks after her fatherís death. (S5).
  7. Hector. (Hektor, Heccar). (S8). Of the Iliad of Greek mythology. He married Andromache and was killed by Achilles. [(S5), Bulfinch, 1968].
  8. Cassandra. She was made a captive of the Greeks after her fatherís death. She had been given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, but after she offended him, he charged that no one would believe her predictions [(S5), Bulfinch, 1968].
  9. Deiphobus. (S5).
  10. Pammon.(S5).
  11. Polites. Killed by Pyrrhus. [(S5), Bulfinch, 1968].
  12. Antiphus. (S5).
  13. Hipponous. (S5).
  14. Polydorus. (S5, S8).
  15. Troilus.(S5).
  16. TROANA. (Troan). [CHART A1]. She married MUNION (Mimnon, Memnon, Hamman), who became the King of Troy. (S5, Tompsett, 2003).
  17. Ilione.

WIFE (3):

CHILDREN of PRIAM and wife #3:
  1. Helen

WIFE (4):

CHILDREN of PRIAM and Laothoe:
  1. Lycaon. (S5?). S8 says Lycaon is a child of Priam and Hecuba, but that is not certain.

A slave.

CHILDREN of PRIAM and a slave:
  1. Cebriones.


PRIAM, King of Troy. (1233-1181) md Hecuba.                                              
TROANA, dau of Priam, King of Troy, md Munion                                            
THOR md SEBIL (Sif). took Thrace as his kingdom.                                          
ODIN (Sceaf),K. of Denmark (1040-999BC).                                                 
Hwala (Wala).                                                                        
Sceldwea (Celdwa).                                                                          
Beaw (Beu).                                                                                 
Godwulf. (Gudolfr).                              
Frithuwald.( Bor). (c190AD-?).                      
ODIN. (215-300AD). King of the Saxons. md Frea.  
Baeldaeg md Nanna, dau of Gewar, King of Norway.  
Brond (Brona).                                   
Frithogar (Frithugar).                           
Elsa I. (Elesa I).                              
Elsa II. (Elesa II).                             
Cerdic I. King of Britain & West Saxons.          
Ceawlin, King of Wessex.                        
Cuthwine (Cutha).                              
Ingild.  (?-718).                                 
Eafa.  He married a princess of Kent.            
EAHLMUND. (?-786AD), md dau of AETHELBERT II.    
EGBERT. King of Wessex.   He married  Redburg.   
ETHELWULF md (2) Judith, dau of Charles the Bald. 
ALFRED, The Great, K. of England, md Ealswith.    
EDWARD The Elder.  King of England.               
Edmund I.  (922-946).  He married Elgiva.        
Edgar I, The Peaceable.                        
Ethelred II, The Unready. (c968-1016) md Elfreda. 
Edmund Ironside.                                  
Edward Athling, the Exile.                      
Margarethe md Malcolm III Caenmore of Scotland.  
Edith.  She married HENRY I, King of England.    
Matilda. (Maud) md (1) Henry V of Germany.        
HENRY II, King of England, md Ida.              
William I Longspee md Ela Fitzpatrick.           
William II Longspee md Idonie de Camville.        
Ela Longspee md James de Audley.                  
Hugh de Audley md  Isolde de Mortimer.            
Hugh de Audley md  Margaret de Clare.           
Margaret de Audley.   md Ralph de Stafford.      
Hugh Stafford.  md Philippa de Beauchamp.         
Edmund Stafford.  md Anne of Gloucester.        
Humphrey Stafford.  md Anne Neville.            
Margaret Stafford md Robert Dunham.             
John Dunham md Elizabeth Bowett.                
John Dunham II md Jean Thorland.                 
John Dunham III md Benedict Folgamsee.           
Ralph Dunham.  He married Elizabeth Wentworth.    
Thomas Dunham. He married Jane Bromley.          
John Dunham Sr.. He married Susanna Kenney/Keno.  
John Dunham Jr..  He married Mary.                
Mary Dunham. She married  James Hamblin.          
Elkenah Hamblin.  He married Abigail Hamblin.     
Sylvanus Hamblin.  He married Dorcas Fish.        
Barnabus Hamblin.  He married Mary Bassett.      
Isaiah Hamblin.  He married Daphne Haynes.       
Jacob Vernon Hamblin md Sarah Priscilla Leavitt. 
Ella Ann Hamblin md Warren Moroni Tenney.         
Clive Vernon Tenney md Minnie Williams
Mildred Ella Tenney = Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris