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Thomas Philbrick and Elizabeth Knapp

Born in 1584 in England; son of Thomas FILBRIGG and Elizabeth. He was christened 23 September 1584 at St. Mary, Bures, Suffolk, England. He lived in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

He married Elizabeth KNAPP on 4 June 1615 at St. Mary’s, Bures, Suffolk, England. (S8).

He is said to have been a mariner in early life, and to have been master of a vessel before he emigrated from Lincolnshire in England. (S8).

He was a mariner on the ship Arabella in 1630. {S7}.

"Thomas Philbrick, or Philbrook, is supposed to have come from England in 1630, or not much later, and settled in Watertown, Mass. There is no doubt that he and his family were settled in Watertown in 1636. Bond says "His homestead was on the N. W. corner of Belmont and Lexington Streets. Probably he was of that company that came over in 1630." - History of Watertown, p. 909. (S8).

After a few years the whole family (not at the same time) moved to Hampton, New Hampshire. {S10}.

In 1639, the second summer after the settlement of Hampton, N. H., John (son of Thomas) PHILBRICK moved to Hampton, and his younger brother, Thomas, soon followed him. We are told that "The first settlers of Hampton were attracted to the place by the fishing, the fowling, the best of clams, and the salt marshes, almost ready for the scythe."(S8).

In 1645-6, Thomas Philbrick, Sen., a grantee of eight lots, sold his estate in Watertown to Isaac Stearns, and in 1650 or '51 he had removed to Hampton, where his elder sons lived. In 1661 he bought of John Moulton, land joining the farms of his son James and his son in law, John Cass. His wife, Elizabeth, died, 12 mo. 19, 1663 and in March, 1664, when he made his will, he calls himself "very aged." He d. in 1667." (S8).

He may have married (2) Hannah (White) French, who was born in 1588, and was said to be of Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

He died on (8-S4)(16 NOV 1674-S8)(8 OCT 1667-S8)(in 1667-S10) at Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. His will was proved on 8 October 1667 {S10}.

Elizabeth KNAPP (KNOPP). [PC T4].
Born in 1593. Christened on 8 JUL 1593 in St. Mary, Bures, Suffolk, England; daughter of William KNAPP and Elizabeth READ. (S1,S2,S3,S4). Daughter of Nicholas KNOPP and Alice HOWLAT.(S5,S10). [Alice would have been 68 years old at this time. Thus it is unlikely that Alice is her mother.]. She married Thomas PHILBRICK [F7608] on 4 JUN 1615 at Bures, Suffolk, England.

She died (9 FEB-S4,S8)(19 FEB-S10)(16 DEC-S1,S2,S3)(1663)(1664-S10) at Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

CHILDREN of Thomas PHILBRICK and Elizabeth KNAPP:
  1. James PHILBRICK. [PC T4]. He married Anna ROBERTS. He drowned in the Hampton River on 16 November 1674.
  2. Elizabeth PHILBRICK. Born in 1620 in England. She married (1) Thomas Chase in 1642 at Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. She married (2) John Garland. She married (3) Henry ROBIE on (10)(16-S1)(19) JAN 1674 in Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. She died 11 February 1677 at Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  3. John Philbrick. He married Anna. He was lost at sea on 20 October 1657.
  4. Mary PHILBRICK. She married (1) Edward TUCK. She married (2) James WALL. She died 28 October 1702.
  5. Thomas PHILBRICK, Jr. Born about 1630. He married (1) Ann KNAPP. He married (2) Hannah WHITE. He died 24 November 1700.
  6. Hannah PHILBRICK. She married Stephen SANBORN.
  7. Margaret PHILBRICK.
  8. Martha PHILBRICK. Born on (4 Sep 1631)(in 1633-S10) at Bures, Suffolk, England. She married (1) John Cass. She married (2) William Lyon, of Rowley, Massachusetts, on 30 November 1676.