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Burton Harmon Phelps and Amanda Melvina Webb

Burton Harmon PHELPS. [PC T2].
Born 4 May 1806 at Greene, Chenango County, New York (S14); son of Samuel PHELPS and Rebecca ROZA.

A Samuel PHILLIPS was in Hanover, Chautauqua County, New York in the 1820 Census. Could this be Phelps instead of Phillips? He has a male child who would be about the right age as Burton.

In 1823, a post route was established from Perry, Genesee county, through Perrysburg, Nashville, and Forestville to Fredonia, the mail to be carried on horseback, once in two weeks. A post-office named Hanover, was established at Forestville, May 15, 1823, Albert H. Camp, postmaster. Unfortunately for the inhabitants around Kensington, the name of Hanover drew to Forestville nearly all the mail designed for them; and the name of Hanover post-office was changed to Forestville on 15 October 1823. On the 22 March 1824 it was changed to Hanover; and in 1833 it again took the present name of Forestville. (S24).

Forestville is a village in Chautauqua County. The Village of Forestville is within the Town of Hanover and in the northeast part of the county. The first settlers were the Tupper brothers in 1805. The community began in 1808 as "Walnut Falls." Also known as "Moore's Hills," the name was changed to "Forestville" in 1820. The Village of Forestville was incorporated in 1848.

He married Amanda Melvina WEBB about 1831 in Forestville, Chautaqua County, New York. The Village of Forestville is within the Town of Hanover and in the northeast part of the county.

Burton and Amanda joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints quite early, and moved to Kirtland, Ohio.

On 12 April 1838 Oliver Cowdery was brought before the High Council in Kirtland, Ohio for a hearing. Frederick G. Williams accused a member named Davis, Oliver Cowdery, John Boynton, Warren Parrish, and Burton H. Phelps of passing counterfiet money. This was supposed to have happened about the Spring of 1837. Oliver was said to have left Kirtland shortly after these acquisations. Possibley Burton did also. (S14). Remember that this was a time of financial crisis in America, and many investors in Kirtland lost money in the resulting banking collapse, and were very upset over losing money, and were looking for any scapegoat to blame for their woes.

In the 1840 Census Buxton H. Phelps (Probably a transcriber error-probably Burton) was living in Rochester Precinct, Peoria County, Illinois. (S12).

In the 1850 Census he was living in District 16 in Clinton County, Missouri. (S9d). Family members in the household were:
B H Phelps 45
Amanda Phelps 40
Chancey Phelps 18
Calvin Phelps 16
Jane Phelps 14
Julia Phelps 11
Hannah Phelps 9
Mary Phelps 2

In the 1860 Census he was living in Ridgley, Platte County, Missouri. (S9b). Family members in the household were:
B H Phelps 54
Amanda Phelps 50
Hannah Phelps 17
Mary Phelps 12
Polly A Phelps 8

Daughter Julia and her husband left Ridgley and moved to Payson, Utah in 1860.

Burton was made a captain in the Missouri State Militia on 24 December 1861. Company A of the 4th Cavalry, Missouri State Militia, was organized at St. Joseph under Captain Burton H. Phelps on 28 February 1862. (S11). He resigned on 1 June 1862. (S13). It it my guess that Burton and the rest of the family left Missouri not long after this.

It appears that Burton and Amanda may have separated after the Civil War, when he left Missouri for Utah. Daughter Julia and her husband were in Payson, Utah by this time. Apparently Burton followed them. Son Chauncey and wife were in Nebraska for a while, and I suspect that Amanda followed them to Nebraska.

Amanda appears in Reorganized church records (S15), while Burton went west to the church in Utah, so it may be that their split was over religeous differences.

He married (2) Nellie PEARSON (PARSON, PERSSON) about 1867, and is said to have married (3) Brigita NILSDOTTER, who were both related. They were Swedish. NOTE: The marriage to Nellie is on record, but I have not seen evidence for a marriage to Brigita.

In the 1870 Census he was living in Payson, Utah County, Utah. {S9e}. Family members in the household were:
Burden Phelps 64
Nellie Phelps 32 [So here is evidence for marriage to Nellie.]
Emily Olsen 18
Johannah Olsen 15
Nellie Olsen 12
Jessina Olsen 6
Osella Phelps 3 [If this is a child of Burton and Nellie, they would have been married about 1866, probably about the time of his removal from Missouri to Utah.]

In the 1880 Census he was living in Payson, Utah County, Utah. (S9c). Family members in the household were:
B. H. Phelps 74
Nellie Phelps 52
Lucinda Olsen 16
Rosella Phelps 13
Burton H. Phelps 8

He died 7 MAY 1885 in Payson, Utah County, Utah.

WIFE (1):
Amanda Melvina WEBB. [PC T2].
Born 12 September 1809 (1808-S15) at Hanover, Chautauqua County, New York, daughter of (Elder) James Henry WEBB, Jr. and Hannah GRISWOLD.

Some times it is said that she was born in 1829 (S3,S5,S8), but they provide no sources for this date.

Some family traditions say that Amanda is the daughter of Betsy Faville, the first wife of Elder James Webb. Records show that Betsy Faville died on 27 June 1808, and was buried in the Faville, Peck or Sherwood Cemetery in the Town of Manheim, which cemetery lies 2 Miles northwest on Route 83 from Dolgeville. She probably died from complications at the time of the birth of her son, John, which was on 17 MAY 1808. (S7). Since Betsy died in 1808, and Amanda was born in September 1809, Amanda is the daughter of James and Hannah. Hannah was apparently indeed called in to care for the young children of James and Betsy, as traditions say, probably immediately in June 1808 when Betsy died and James had a newborn child to care for. Hannah soon married James, and Amanda was their first child.

NOTE: Amanda's family lived at Manheim Township, Herkimer County, New York. (Manheim later became Dolgeville). It was there in Herkimer County that her father James Webb met and married her mother Hannah Griswold. Her parents soon moved to Hanover, Chautauqua County, New York where her father owned land by 1810. Therefore it is most likely that Amanda was born in Hanover, shortly after the family moved there from Herkimer County.

Family tradition also states that Amanda was born about two months premature, weighing only 3 pounds at birth and that she had to be fed at first with an eyedropper. A bed was created for her out of lambswool that was placed in a bowl.

Amanda is said to have been born at Hanover or Forrestville, Chautaqua County, New York, but it is most likely that she was born in Manheim Township (now called Dolgeville), in Herkimer County, New York, as given in source 2, and which is where James lived. Sources 3 and 5 say she was born in 1829, but this is obviously an error, especially considering the birth years of her children, and also her age as stated in the census records.

She married Burton Harmon PHELPS about 1831. They were in Ashtabula County, Ohio in January 1834; and in Sangamon County, Illinois in April 1839. They were in Clinton, Missouri for the 1850 Census (S6), and in Ridgley, Platte County, Missouri for the 1860 Census.

She apparently left Burton, or stayed behind when he left and went west, and possibly went to Nebraska with her son Chauncey.

Amanda appears in Reorganized church records (S15), while Burton went west to the church in Utah, so it may be that their split was over religeous differences.

She married (2) Sanford Pottenger, as his fourth wife, on 8 April 1870 in Douglas County, Nebraska. (S21).
NOTE: In the 1870 Census we find both Sanford Pottenger (as Stanford Pattinger) and Chauncey Phelps in De Soto, Washington County, Nebraska. (S17). This census was enumerated on 18 July 1870, but Amanda is not listed in either family.

Sanford Pottenger is said to have married five times (S16). He married (1) Mary A. Secrest on 14 February 1839 in Montgomery County, Indiana.
Wives 2 and 3 may have been:
He married (2) Eliza J. Yocum on 12 September 1865 in Fulton, Illinois. He married (3) Nancy Swader on 17 January 1866 in Montgomery County, Indiana.
Amanda was his fourth wife. He married (5) Letitia, who appears with him on tax documents as early as 1876. (S19).

However, note that the 1860 Census places him in Cass County, Nebraska in 1860 with wife Mary. (S18).
S Pottenger
Age in 1860: 40.
Birth Year: abt 1820
Birthplace: Ohio
Home in 1860: Cass, Nebraska Territory
Gender: Male
Post Office: Glendale
Household Members:
S Pottenger 40
Mary A Pottenger 38
Josephine Pottenger 16
Dannis Pottenger 12
Harvey Pottenger 10
Willitt Pottenger 4
Emily E Pottenger 4/12

He could have gone back to Indiana and Illinois for wife 2 and 3, but that is not likely I think this was a different person.

As noted, a mystery occurs with the 1870 Census. Amanda and Sanford are clearly said to have been married in April of 1870. When the census is taken in June and July of 1870, Amanda does not appear in the household of either Sanford, or of her son Chauncey, who is living nearby. (S17).

Amanda is said to have died on 12 June 1871, but no source or location is given for this information.

CHILDREN of Burton Harmon PHELPS and Amanda Melvina WEBB:
  1. Chauncey (Chancey) G. PHELPS. Born in (1832)(1833-S22) in New York. In 1850 he was in his father's household in Clinton County, Missouri. He married Lucy A. in 1853. In 1860 he was in Ridgley, Platte County, Missouri. In 1870 he was living in De Soto, Washington County, Nebraska. (S17). In the 1880 Census (S22,S23) he is in Atchison, Kansas, with wife Lucy, children Burton H. Phelps (age 25), Amanda M. Phelps (age 22), Ann E. Phelps (age 18) and Emma C. Phelps (age 10). He also has in his household with him his sister Julia and three of her children. His occupation is a wheelwright. In 1895 and 1900 he was in Atchison, Kansas.
  2. Calvin M. PHELPS. Born 9 January 1834 at Wayne, Ashtabula County, Ohio. Married Elizabeth FITZGERALD, daughter of Theodrick FITZGERALD and Fanny KIRKPATRIC, about 1856 or 1857. Their daughter Fannie died in Ridgley, Platte County, Missouri: (Phelps, Fannie E., daughter of G. M. & E. Phelps, Oct. 9, 1866 to Aug. 17, 1867). In 1880 he was a physician in Dallas, DeKalb County, Missouri. (S22,S23). In the household with him are wife Elizabeth and children William (age 23), John (age 18), Robert (age 15), Mary (age 7), Burton (age 5), Gertrude (age 3) and Estella (under 1 year).
  3. Ruth Jane (Janie) PHELPS. Born in 1836 in Ashtabula County, Ohio. She is given this birth year in the Census records of 1850, 1860 and 1870. In the 1850 Census, she is listed as Jane, living with her parents and family in District 16, Clinton, Missouri. She married (1) Henry Jefferson MAYO on 20 September 1854 in Platte County, Missouri. It had been said that they "went west," but evidence says otherwise. They were in the 1860 Census in Preston, Platte County, Missouri; with two children: Lu Emma Mayo (age 3) and Henry B. Mayo (age 1). They also have in the household J.M. Mayo (age 12), apparently the child of her husband from his previous marriage. They are om the 1870 Census in Carroll, Platte County, Missouri; with six children: Emma Mayo (age 13), Henry B. Mayo (age 11), Annie B. Mayo (age 9), George W. Mayo (age 7), Lee Mayo (age 3) and William Mayo (age 2). She and Henry are said to have been divorced. Ruth is said to have married (2) Amos CARPENTER in Clinton, Missouri. (S10). Henry J. Mayo had a wife before Ruth Jane, who died or maybe divorced him (and She might be the person Paxton (S10) refers to as having married Amos Carpenter). In Ancestry.com Ruth Jane is given a death date of 2 August 1901 in Clinton County, Missouri. However, in the 1880 Census, Henry is listed as a widower, so Ruth apparently died between 1875, when the last (so far as I know) child (James J. Mayo) was born, and 1880.
  4. Julia Amanda PHELPS. [PC T2]. Born 30 April 1839 at Peoria or Rochester (probably Rochester), Sangamon County, (probably Rochester in Peoria County. See S12), Illinois. She married Warren Reed TENNEY on 8 MAY 1859 at Ridgley, Platte County, Missouri. They moved to Utah in 1860. They lived for a short time in Payson, Utah, then moved to northern Arizona. In 1880 she is living with brother Chauncey in Atchison, Kansas. (S22,S23). She moved to Denver and started a milinery shop. Amanda returned to her family in 1885-1886 and taught school for a year at Pleasanton, New Mexico. In 1886-1887 she was in Chicago. By July 1896 she was in San Francisco, California. She died on 14 January 1912 at Berkley, Alameda County, California. She was cremated and her ashes, and those of her daughter Ruth Ella TENNEY, were moved on 24 June 1935 to the Alpine Cemetery at Alpine, Apache County, Arizona where they were buried beside her husband.
  5. Hannah PHELPS. Born about 1841-1843 in Illinois. She is with her family in the 1850 Census in District 16, Clinton County, Missouri. She is with her family in the 1860 Census in Ridgley, Platte County, Missouri.
  6. Mary E. PHELPS. Born about 1848 in Illinois. She is with her family in the 1850 Census in District 16, Clinton County, Missouri. She is with her family in the 1860 Census in Ridgley, Platte County, Missouri.
  7. Polly Ann PHELPS. Born 9 April 1852 at Lee, Platte County, Missouri. She is with her family in the 1860 Census in Ridgley, Platte County, Missouri.

WIFE (2):
Nellie Persson.

Born on 27 December 1827 in Faringtofta, Skane, Sweden; daughter of Nils Robert Persson and Inger (Ingval). She emigrated to the United States about 1863. She married Burton Harmon Phelps in 1867. She died on 4 July 1911 in Salem, Utah County, Utah.

WIFE (3):
Brigita Neilsen or Nisldotter.

I do not find evidence for Brigita as a wife of Burton, so I doubt this is correct.