PEPIN of Vermandois

PEPIN of Vermandois. (Pepin II). Count of Vermandois, the first count of Vermandois. Lord of Senlis, Peronne, and Saint Quentin.
Born about 815; son of BERNARD, King of Italy, and Cunigunda (Kinugunde). Pepin first appears in 834 as a count to the north of the Seine and then appears as same again in 840. In that year, he supported Lothair I against Louis the Pious. He died about 840.

Pepin's wife is unknown, but his heir inherited much Nibelungid territory and so historian K. F. Werner hypothesised a marriage to a daughter of Theodoric Nibelung. However, it is also said that he married ERMENGARDE of Bar.

CHILDREN of PEPIN of Vermandois.
  1. Bernard (c.844-after 893), count of Laon
  2. Pepin (c.846-893), count of Senlis and lord of Valois (877-893)
  3. HERBERT I of Vermandois (c.850-907)
  4. Cunigunda
  5. (daughter?). Married (1) the Margrave Berengar of Neustria. Married (2) Count Guy of Senlis.