PEPIN of Landen

PEPIN of Landen. (the Older). Lord of Brabant.
Born between 580 and 585 at Landen, Austrasia; son of KARLOMAN, Duke of Brabant, and (Gertrude?).

He was a close relation of Arnulf, Bishop of Metz.

He became Mayor of the Palace (maior domus) of Austrasia in 623. He was an advisor to Cunibert, bishop of Cologne, who replaced Arnulf. His advice as Mayor of the Palace was judged by Dagobert, the King, to be sound and Dagobert readily followed it, with importent consequences.

Pepin married Itta/Iduberga.

Pepin died on 21 FEB 639 (640) at Metz.

Itta. (St. Iduberga of Nivelles).
Born 592 (597) at Landen, Austrasia; daughter of GRIMOALDE of Aquitaine [Grimaud, Godin], count of Gascogne and Itte.

CHILDREN of PEPIN of Landen and Itta/Iduberga:
  1. BEGGA. She married Ansegisel.
  2. Grimoald (Grimaud, Grimald), of Landen. Born (about 615)(620) at Aix-en-Chapelle. Upon the death of his father in 640 he was appointed Mayor of the Palace in his place by Queen Nanthilda, who ruled after the Death of Dagobert in 638. He reigned further as the Mayor of the Palace under Sigebert III, the son of Dagobert, who ruled over Austrasia. Grimald had planned to take over the throne, and to this end he had his own son Childebert adopted by King Sigebert III in uncertain circumstances. After Sigebert III died on 1 FEB 656, Grimald, as the guardian of Sigebert III's son Dagobert, had him tonsured and sent to a monastery in Ireland, and Grimald reigned under the name of his son Childebert "the adopted". However, this ploy failed and Grimald was overthrown by a group of magnates and thrown into prison where he died in 662. His son Childebert mysteriously dissappeared.
  3. Geretrud, of Landon. Abbess of Nivelle. Born about 626 at Landon, Austrasia. She died 17 MAR 659.