PEPIN of Heristal

PEPIN, of Heristal. (The Fat, The Middle, Crassus). Mayor (maior domus) of the Palace of Austrasia, Neustria, and Burgundy.
Born (about 635)(about 640) at Herstal, Liege, Belgium; son of Ansegisel and Begga.

The vacancy on the throne of Austrasia caused the return of the "Pepinids" as moyors of the palace. Pepin of Heristal seized power in Austrasia and governed under Thierry III, ruler of Neustria, which had control of Austria. In the conflict between Austrasia and Neustria, Austrasia won the upper hand. Pepin won a victory at Tertry in 687 and Thierry III fled. This confirmed his ascendancy of Austrasia over Neustria. Pepin judged it wise to maintain the royal fiction of rule in Neustria through the "lazy kings;" Clovis III, Childebert III and finally Dagobert III, who were puppet kings of whom virtually nothing is known.

The country's unity, effectively re-established under the hand of Pepin, made it possible to face new invasions, and to take in hand again the region south of the Loire, which royal insolvency had allowed to become virtually autonomous. In 689 he acquired Frisia.

Pepin married:
1. NN.
2. (concubine). Chalpaida [F15951534530625].

Pepin died 16 DEC 714 at Jupille, Meuse, France. Upon his death his wife Plectrude took over rule of the kingdom.

WIFE (1):

CHILDREN of Pepin of Heristal and Wife (1):
  1. St. Gertrude, bastard, born in 680 at Herstal, Leiges, Belgium.

WIFE (2):
Chalpaida. (Aupais, Chalpais, Alpais, Alpheida). (concubine).
Born in 654 at Heristal, Lièges, Belgium; daughter of CHILDEBRAND. She died in 705 at Orp-le-Grand Monastery, Brabant, Vosges, France.

CHILDREN of Pepin and Chalpaida:
  1. Childebrand. Count of Burgundy and Austrasia. Born in 678 at Herstal, Leiges, Belgium. He married Emma, who was born in 680.
  2. CHARLES Martel.

WIFE (3):
Plektrud. (Plectrude).
Born in 652 at Herstal; daughter of Hubert. She married Pepin of Heristal on 13 MAY 706. Pelktrud died in APR 714.

CHILDREN of Pepin and Plektrud:
  1. Drogo. Duke of Champagne. Born in 674 at Herstal, Liege, Belgium. He married Anstrude Adeltrude, born 676 [out of which marriage Arnulf, prince of Champagne, born 700 Champagne, died 723; Hugues, archbishop of Rouen, born 700 Champagne, died 8-4-730). Drogo died in 708.
  2. Grimoald. Mayor (maior domus) of the Palace of Neustria. Born in 675 at Herstal, Liege, Belgium. He married (1) Teudsinda (Theodesinde), born in 677. He took (2) a concubine. Their son Theudoald, born in 701 in Belgium, was Mayor (maior domus) of the Palace in 714 and 715. Grimoald died in APR 714, and was buried at St. Jacques Church, Lièges, Belgium.
  3. Sylvius, bishop of Auchy, born 677 Herstal.