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Jacob Ott and Magdalena Schoch

Jacob OTT. [How are we Related].
Born on 23 April 1713 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland; son of Hans Ulrich Ott and Katharina Moergeli.

He married Magdalena Schoch on 21 April 1750.

He died on 2 December 1781 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland.

Magdalena SCHOCH.
Born on 25 December 1723 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland; daughter of Hans Urech Schoch and Margreth Isler.

She married Jacob Ott on 21 April 1750.

She died on 7 January 1768 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland.

CHILDREN of Jacob OTT and Magdalena SCHOCH:
  1. Hans Konrad OTT. Born on 12 June 1757 in Zell, Zurich, Switzerland. He married Susanna Kundig on 1 February 1785. He died on 25 May 1832 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland.