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Heinrich Ott and Anna Elizabeth Winkler

Heinrich OTT. [How are we Related].
Born on (30)(1-S7) September 1827 at Langenhart (Unterlangenhart-S2), Zurich, Switzerland; son of Hans Jakob OTT and Anna PETERS .

He was a Taylor by trade.

He married Anna Elizabeth Winkler on 16 February (March-S?) 1851.

He died on 14 (24-S2) October 1864 at Unterlangenhart, Zell, Switzerland.

Anna Elizabeth WINKLER.
She was born on 9 July 1831 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland; daughter of Hans Jakob WINKLER and Susanna BURRI.

She learned to be a dressmaker before she was married.

She married Heinrich OTT on 16 February 1851. He was a Taylor by trade and was considered a poor man, so her parents didn't want her to marry him.

They worked together in the tailor business. Soon after their marriage Henry contracted TB. (consumption). They had a hard struggle to make a livelihood. He died in 1864. Sometime thereafter, she joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In June 1873 [see Louise OTT story] she and her family sailed for America, and traveled by train to Salt Lake City, Utah.

She died 10 November 1896 at Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete County, Utah.

CHILDREN of Heinrich OTT and Anna Elizabeth WINKLER:
  1. Lisette Susanna OTT. Born 1 March 1852 at Unterlangenhart, Zurich, Switzerland.
  2. Pauline OTT. Born 7 February 1853 at Unterlangenhart, Zurich, Switzerland.
  3. Annie Elizabeth OTT. Born 15 October 1855 at Unterlangenhart, Zurich, Switzerland.
  4. Louisa OTT Born on 4 November 1859 at Unterlangenhart, Zurich, Switzerland. She married Jacob Kunzler on 18 March 1880. She died on 28 January 1944 at Rosette, Box Elder County, Utah.