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Hans Jakob Ott and Margaret Boshard

Hans Jakob OTT. [How are we Related].
Born on 10 May 1640 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland; son of Leonhard Ott and Dorothea Grosslin.

He married Margaret Boshard on 28 March 1695.

He died 27 October 1658 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland. [Is his death date and marriage date switched?]

Margaret BOSHARD.
Born on 15 August 1641 at T., Zurich, Switzerland; daughter of Ulrich BOSSHARD and Magdalena STAHEL .

She married Hans Jakob Ott on 28 March 1695.

She died on 23 March 1695 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland.

CHILDREN of Hans Jakob OTT [F2432]:
  1. Hans Casper OTT. Born on 21 December 1662 at Zell, Zurich, Switzerland. He married Elsbeth Winkler on 14 September 1680.