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OILIALLA, Son of Siorna

OILIALLA. (Oilioll Olchaoin mac Siorna). King of Ireland, King Of Leinster.
Son of SIORNA (Siorna Saoghalach mac Dian)(Sírna Sáeglach)(The Long Lived One-S9), 34th King of Ireland.

(Ailill Olcháin-S3)
(Olioll Olchain-S3)
(Oilioll Ollchain-S4,S5).
(Latin: Olillus Olchaonus-S5), (Oilioll Olchaoin-S6,S8)
(Eochaid)(Eochaid = Knight) (S7).
(Elchada-olchaim-S8) (Eochaid I) (Eochaid II) ?
(the Heremon). [Heremon is a title = horse man of all Ireland].
3 (Eermon)

He is often confused with Heremon, of a century earlier.

Traditions of Ireland say that he married TAMA TEPHI. If true, this would indicate that he lived at about the time of King Zedekiah, King of Judah. Tama (Tamar), the daughter of Zedekiah, was taken to Egypt by the prophet Jeremaiah after the destruction of Jerusalem in 587BC. Shortly thereafter, according to the legends, Jeremiah took her to Ireland, where they arrived about (569BC)(585BC). (S1).

It is difficult to determine the precise dating of Oilialla.
The Annals of the Four Masters dates him to about the Age of the World 4100 (S4), which is equated to about 1023-1014 BC.
The chronology of Geoffrey Keating's Foras Feasa ar Éirinn dates his reign to (787 B.C.-S9).
However, lets take a look at the Annals of the Four Masters dates. According to the Annals, Oilialla lived about year of the world 4150 (Anno Mundi). Also according to the Annals, the years of the flood was 2242 Anno Mundi. 4150 minus 2242 equals 1908, which indicates that Oilialla lived approximaley 1900 years after the flood. Using my best estimate of the flood to have begun in 2343BC gives Oilialla an approximate date of 443BC (2343 minus 1900 equals 443). This is still about 144 years after the 587BC year of the destruction of Jerusalem, but it is closer to the destruction of Jerusalem dating than the dates given for Oilialla of 1023 BC or even 787BC.
Reviewing these dating systems shows a bracketing of the destruction of Jerusalem dating, and indicates to me that it could be within the realm of possibility.

Tamar Tephi.
See separately: TAMA TEPHI.

CHILDREN of Oilialla, Son of Siorna:
  1. GIALLCHADH (Gíallchad-S3)(Giallchaidh-S4), 37th King of Ireland. He took power after killing his predecessor, and the son of his grandfather's killer, Elim Olfínechta, in the battle of Comair Trí nUisce. He is said to have taken one out of every five men of Munster hostage. He reigned for nine years, before being killed by Elim's son Art Imlech at Mag Muaide. The Lebor Gabála Érenn synchronises his reign with that of Phraortes of the Medes (665-633 BC). The chronology of Geoffrey Keating's Foras Feasa ar Éirinn dates his reign to 786-777 BC, that of the Annals of the Four Masters to 1023-1014 BC.


Our Line of Descent from Malcolm III:

	MALCOLM III Caenmore (A.D.1055-1093) md. Margarethe of England
    |                                                          |
DAIVD I, The Saint, md. Maud of Northcumberland              EDITH, md Henry I, King of England
HENRY of Huntingdon  md. Adama of Surrey                     Matilda. (Maud)  She married (1) Henry V of Germany.  she married (2) Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou and Maine.  
David of Huntingdon md. Maud of Chester                      HENRY II, King of England  md  Ida, Countess of Norfolk
Isabella of Huntingdon md. Robert IV de Brus                 William I Longspee md Ela Fitzpatrick
Robert V de Brus md. Isabella de Clare, of Gloucester        William II Longspee md Idonie de Camville
Robert VI de Brus md. Marjorie of Carrick                    Ela Longspee md James de Audley
Robert I Bruce md. Isabella of Mar                           Hugh de Audley md  Isolde de Mortimer
Margary Bruce md. Walter Stewart III                         Hugh de Audley md  Margaret de Clare 
Robert II  md. Euphemia of Ross                              Margaret de Audley.   md Ralph de Stafford
Robert III (Stuart)  md. Arabella Drummond                   Hugh Stafford.  md Philippa de Beauchamp
James I, King of Scotland    md. Joan Beaufort               Edmund Stafford.  md Anne of Gloucester
Joan STEWART (STUART) md. James DOUGLAS III, Earl of Morton  Humphrey Stafford.  md Anne Neville
Janet DOUGLAS (c1461-1489).  md. Patrick HEPBURN             Margaret Stafford md Robert Dunham
Jane HEPBURN (1485-c1558).   md. George SEATON               John Dunham md Elizabeth Bowett
George SEATON III (c1508-1549).  md. Elizabeth HAY           John Dunham II md Jean Thorland
Marion SEATON (1528-1567).  md. John GRAHAM                  John Dunham III md Benedict Folgamsee
Margaret (Mary) GRAHAM   md. George BUCHANAN                 Ralph Dunham.  He married Elizabeth Wentworth.    
Margaret Helen BUCHANAN   md. (Sir) Alexander COLQUHOUN      Thomas Dunham. He married Jane Bromley. 
(Sir) Alexander COLQUHOUN  md. Marion Stirling (Sterling)    John Dunham Sr..  He married Susanna Kenney/Keno.  
(Sir) John COLQUHOUN (1595 or1632-c1647) md. Rebecca Short   John Dunham Jr..  He married Mary. 
William CAHOON (1633-1675) md. Deliverence PECK              Mary Dunham. She married  James Hamblin
Joseph CAHOON (1665-1710) md. (2) Elizabeth SCRANTON         Elkenah Hamblin.  He married Abigail Hamblin.
Ebenezer CAHOON  md. Mary REYNOLDS                           Sylvanus Hamblin.  He married Dorcas Fish. 
William CAHOONE  md. (2) Elizabeth VAUGHAN                   Barnabus Hamblin.  He married Mary Bassett.
William CAHOON  md. (2) Mary SMITH                           Isaiah Hamblin.  He married Daphne Haynes. 
Mary CAHOON  md. David ELLIOTT                               Jacob Vernon Hamblin md Sarah Priscilla Leavitt.
Peter Mack ELLIOTT  md. Charlotte ALVORD                     Ella Ann Hamblin = Warren Moroni Tenney
Harriett Louisa ELLIOTT  md. James Newberry MORRIS           Clive Vernon Tenney = Minnie Williams
Eli Ray MORRIS (1892-1980) md. Tina Matilda KUNZLER          Mildred Ella Tenney = Glenn Russell Handy
LeGrand Elliott MORRIS md. Dorothea Bertha Ernestine Kersten         |
Rodney Allen MORRIS           --       married     --     Deborah Lee Handy