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Edmund de Moritmer and Philippa Plantagenet

Edmund de MORTIMER. The Good. Third Earl Mortimer. [CHART A1].
Born 1 February 1351; Son of Roger de MORTIMER (1328 - 1360) and Philippa de MONTAGUE (1332? - 1381?). English military leader; knighted in 1377 by Edward III, King of England; began service on the Scottish border in which he won his greatest fame; about 1393 became Governor of Bordeaux, in France. He was killed at the Battle of Shrewsbury after he had revolted against Henry IV, King of England. He married Philipa, Countess of Ulster about 1368. He died on 27 December 1381.

Philippa (Philipa, Philippe) PLANTAGENET. Countess of Ulster. [Ancestors].
Born 16 August 1355 in Kent, England; daughter of Lionel, Duke of Clarence and Elizabeth (Lady) de Burgh (1332 - 1363 Dublin).

She married Edmund de Mortimer about 1368.

She died (after 7 January 1378-S3)(5 Jan 1381).

CHILDREN of Edmund de Mortimer and Philippa Plantagenet:
  1. Elizabeth de MORTIMER. Born 12 February 1370-1371 at Usk, Monmouth. She married (1) Henry de PERCY (about 1379)(by 10 DEC 1379-S3). She married (2) Thomas de CAMOYS about 1403. She died 20 Apr 1417.
  2. Roger de MORTIMER. Born 11 April 1374. He married Eleanor de HOLAND about 7 October 1388. He died 20 July 1398.



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