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James Newberry Morris and Harriett Louisa Elliott

James Newberry MORRIS. [Familytree]
James was born on 3 May 1857 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah; son of George MORRIS and Hannah Mariah NEWBERRY.

Soon after he was born there began a time of great excitement in the Salt Lake Valley. Word arrived that the United States government was sending troops to Salt Lake, and a new governor was being sent to succeed Brigham Young. The Saints were celebrating the tenth anniversary of their arrival in Salt Lake, on 24 JUL 1857, at Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon when the word arrived that Johnson's Army was on its way. A council was held and it was decided that the saints would evacuate. James's family moved south to Utah County. They built a dugout at the Provo River bottoms near the shores of Utah Lake. The dugout was covered with reeds from the river. His father then returned to Salt Lake to tend the crops and stand in readiness to burn the home in case the soldiers tried to enter the valley by force. The family spent the winter in the Provo River bottoms and returned to their home in Salt Lake the following spring.

The first five years of James' life was spent under this threat of the army encampment. Although the soldiers were not allowed to camp near the city, their influence was felt. The even worse element was the freighters and hangers-on that came with the army. They were not subject to the discipline of the soldiers. During this time his father George served on the police force for the city. The parents must have felt great concern for their children during this time. The troops remained in Utah until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861.

James married (1) Harriett Louisa ELLIOTT [F17] on 14 NOV 1878 in the Endowment House at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.

They lived for the first two years in a small two room house near the old fair grounds in Salt Lake City. James followed the trade of a mason, taught him by his father. Their first two children were born here; Charlotte Cecelia, born 14 AUG 1879, and James William, born 10 MAR 1882.

James' older brother George Vernon had found employment in the coal mines in Almy, Wyoming. Through him James learned there was an opening for a stable boss, which paid $6.00. He worked there until an underground explosion devastated the community.

James Newberry Morris Family [photo]

He married (2) Betsy (Bessie) SCHOLES on 19 JUN 1912 at Logan, Cache County, Utah.

On 21 January 1913 James was shot during a disagreement over a business arangement. A Box Elder News article gives the details. He was taken to Brigham City, Utah for medical treatment; but he died 16 February 1913 at Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah. He was buried in the Park Valley Cemetery, Park Valley, Box Elder County, Utah.

WIFE (1):
Harriett Louisa ELLIOTT. (Hattie). [Familytree].
Born 8 August 1860 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah; daughter of Peter Mack ELLIOTT and Charlotte ALVORD.

She married James Newberry MORRIS on 14 November 1878 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.

Her father died in 1885. When his estate was finally settled, in 1889, Harriett received $800, quite a considerable sum with such a large family. With this money Harriett and her husband James invested in a herd of sheep, which they herded in the adjoining foothills. James hired a Chinese man named Hong Looie to be his herder, who had been one of the gang of Chinese workmen building the railroad through Terrace, Utah.

Harriett died of a heart ailment on 28 January 1902 at their home in Rosette, Box Elder County, Utah, just eleven days after the birth of their baby girl. Will and Lottie, who had just returned to Logan for school following the Christmas holidays, returned home immediately. Harriett was buried on 31 January 1902 in the Park Valley Cemetery at Park Valley, Box Elder County, Utah.

CHILDREN of James Newberry MORRIS and Harriett Louisa ELLIOTT:

[Photo 1: James and Harriett Morris and Family.] The family, before Iva was born.

[Photo 2: James and Harriett's children.] The children of James and Harriott. Top Row Left to right: Lilis, William, Earl, Ray, and Charlotte (Lottie). Bottom Row Left to Right: Alvin, Iva, Claude, Jeannett.

WIFE (2):
Born 17 March 1882 at Hull, Yorkshire, England, daughter of Richard SCHOLES and Betsy PLATT. She was christened in St. Barnabus, Hull, York, England. She was baptized 17 Mqrch 1900 at Hull, Yorkshire, England. She married James Newberry MORRIS on 19 June 1912 at Logan, Cache County, Utah. She died 11 April 1978 at Rigby, Jefferson County, Idaho, and was buried 14 April 1978 at Rigby, Jefferson County, Idaho.

CHILD of James Newberry MORRIS and Betsy SCHOLES:


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