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William Moore

William MOORE.
Born (in 1599-S2)(about 1600), of Castle Donington, Leicester, England; son of Francis Moore. [not documented]. (S2).

William Moore migrated to New England. (S2).

William shared in the Exeter, New Hampshire divisions of land in 1639, and signed various petitions in 1643 and 1645. So he was probably born about 1600.

He was a selectman in 1647, 1654, and 1658. He did jury duty in 1654 and, during this year, was relieved from military training, paying five shillings. In 1664, he was excused from all training. William moved to Ipswich sometime later where he made his will in which all his children were named.

MOORE, MAWER, MOUER, William, Mr. Fisherman, Boston, had a lot granted him at Mt. Wollaston [Braintree], Feb. 19, 1638, for 9 heads. Probably the resident of Salem in 1638. Rec'd lands at Exeter in 1639; rem'd to Exeter, and a few years later was at York. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. gov't at York 22 Nov. 1652. Proprietor; bought more land of Henry Roby in 1653. Residing at Ipswich, 22 Jan. 1660, he sold land on the east side of Exeter river to his daughter Mary, wife of Robert Powell. William More of Ipswich made will 14 Aug. 1660, prob. 26 Sept 1671; beq to dau. Mary Powell; dau. Ruth Roby and her eldest son William and son Thomas; dau. Elizabeth More. Inventory showed some land at Exeter. William of York, (who may be supposed to be this son)... (S2).

He died in Ipswich, Massachusetts on 21 May 1671. (S1,S2).

We do not know the name of Williamís wife, but assume she died before 1671 as she is not named in William's will. Check for her death in Exeter, before William moved to Ipswich.

She is said to be Jane Blount (ancestry.com family files; S3), but this needs documentation.

  1. William MOORE. (S1,S2). Born about 1631-1634; m. Mary WIGGIN, daughter of Thomas WIGGIN. He died in 1691.
  2. Ruth MOORE. (S1,S2). Born in 1620 in England. She was of Castle Donington, Leicester, England. She married Henry ROBIE in 1645 in Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. She died 5 MAY 1673 at Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  3. Thomas Moore. (S1,S2). Born about 1636. He died about 1660.
  4. Mary MOORE. (S1,S2). Born about 1638. She married Robert POWELL. She died about 1660.
  5. Elizabeth MOORE. (S1,S2). Born about 1640. She m. John WILLIAMS. She died in 1699.


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