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MIHALY, Duke of Hungary

MIHALY. Duke of Hungary. (Michael). [Ancestors]
Born possibly about 960 AD; son of TAKSONY, Grand Prince of Hungary. Michael was named after the Archangel Michael. (S1).

According to the Hungarian historian, György Györffy, Michael received a ducatus or duchy from his brother, Grand Prince Géza. Slovak historians specify that he administered the "Duchy of Nitra" between around 971 and 997. However, neither of these theories have universally been accepted. (S1).

Michael was Taksony's younger son. Györffy writes that he was still a minor when he was baptized around 972 AD. He received baptism together with his elder brother, Géza, who succeeded their father as Grand Prince around that time. (S1).

According to Györffy, Michael was a close ally of his brother, since there is no proof that their relationship was ever tense. Therefore, Györffy continues, Géza "probably gave one of the ducatus" in the Principality of Hungary to Michael, although there is no record of these events. According to Steinhübel, Michael received the "Duchy of Nitra" around 971. His colleague, Ján Lukacka, adds that it was Michael who broke "the resistance of the native nobles" in this duchy. (S1). However, his receipt of the Duchy of Nitra is conjecture.
The name of Michael's two sons, Vazul (Basil) and Ladislas have been preserved. According to Györffy, "it is probable" that Michael's wife was related to Samuel of Bulgaria, because the names of his both sons were popular among Orthodox rulers, including the members of the Cometopuli family. Györffy adds that Michael married his Bulgarian wife when he came of age around 980. (S1). This however is conjecture.

Michael's fate is unknown; Györffy proposes that he either died before his brother (who died in 997) or renounced of his duchy in favor of Géza's son, Stephen, without resistance. On the other hand, Steinhübel writes that Michael was murdered in 995, an action for which his brother Géza was probably responsible. Lukacka likewise says that Michael was killed, apparently, on the orders of Géza. Finally, Vladimír Segeš also says that Géza had Michael murdered, according to him between 976 and 978, but he writes that Michael was succeeded by his own son, Ladislas the Bald. (S1).

He died between 976 AD and 978 AD. (S2).

unknown or Adelajda. (Adelajda Biala Knegini. The White Queen).
Györffy writes that the wife of Mihlay may have been a member of the Bulgarian Cometopuli dynasty. (S1). There appears to be no support for this conjecture.

The wife of Mihaly is also said to be Adelajda of Poland, daughter of Ziemomysl, and sister of Mieszko I of Poland.

Adelajda. (Adleta). Born about 950 AD to 960 AD; daughter of ZIEMOMYSL (and sister of Mieszko I, Prince of Poland) . (S2).

According to Europäische Stammtafeln, Adelajda was the daughter, not the sister, of Mieszko I Prince of Poland. Adelajda's birth date range is estimated from the supposed dates of birth of her two sons by her first husband and of her three known daughters by her second marriage, after 985 AD. The date range appears chronologically more consistent with her having been the daughter, rather than sister, of Mieszko, but this would be in direct contradiction to the sources quoted above. If she was Mieszko's sister, it is likely that they did not share the same mother, assuming that the estimated birth dates of Mieszko and Adelajda are both accurate. (S2).

She married (1) (between 970 and 975) MIHÁLY Prince of Hungary Duke between March and Gran, son of TAKSONY Prince of Hungary & his wife --- [Kuman Princess]. (S2).

She married (2) in 985 AD, as his second wife, GEZA Prince of Hungary, son of TAKSONY Prince of Hungary & his wife --- [Kuman Princess] . It is probable that her second marriage was arranged in accordance with the Magyar tradition that the oldest male relative should marry the widow of a deceased relative (originally polygamously) and take care of his children. (S2).

The Annales Kamenzenses record that "Mesco…rex Polanorum…sororem…Atleydem" married "Iesse rex Ungarie" by whom she was mother of "Stephanum regem Ungarie" (S2).

The Breve chronicon Silesić names "Adilheidem" as sister of "primo dux Mesco", adding that she married "Jesse rex Ungarie" and that she was the mother of "Stephanum regem Ungarie" born in 975 AD. (S2).

The Kronika Wegiersko-Polska records that "Iesse" married "sororem Meschonis ducis…Athleitam", adding that she was a Christian and converted her husband to Christianity. (S2).

NOTE that her second husband, Geza, married (1) Sarolt, a daughter of an Orthodox Hungarian chieftain. Sarolt is said to have given birth to at least three of Géza's children; Stephen, who succeeded his father on the throne, and two unnamed daughters. Sarolt is said to have survived Géza, which suggests that she was also the mother of Géza's daughters. However, this is conjecture. Based on the Polish-Hungarian Chronicle, Szabolcs de Vajay wrote that the daughters' mother was Géza's second wife Adelaide (Adleta) of Poland. (S1-Kristo).

It is said that she died after 997 AD. (S2). However, sources that say Sarolt survived Geza say that she died about 1008 AD. (S1). This must have actually been the death of Adelajda.


CHILDREN of Mihaly and Adelajda:
  1. Ladislaus the Bald. (Ladislas). The Illuminated Chronicle writes that he took "his wife from Ruthenia". Gyula Kristó says that she was a member of the Rurik dynasty of the Kievan Rus'. He adds that her name was possibly Premislava. (S1).
  2. VAZUL , Duke of Hungary. (Basil).

CHILDREN of Geza and Adelajda (said to have had three daughters):
  1. Skolasztika. (Scholastika). (see Geni).
  2. daughter. Grimelda of Hungary. A dogaressa of Venice by marriage to the doge Otto Orseolo (r. 1009-1026). She was the daughter of Géza, Grand Prince of the Hungarians. She followed Otto to Constantinople after his deposition.
  3. daughter. Samuel Aba (Hungarian: Aba Sámuel; before 990 or c. 1009 – 5 July 1044) was the third King of Hungary, who is said to have married a daughter of Geza. Gavril Radomir of Bulgaria is also have said to married a daughter of Geza, named Margaret of Hungary.


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