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O. K. MIGHILL and Ellen


Born (in 1592-S3)(about 1595-S4), of Rowley, Yorkshire, England. (S3). Rowley is a village in the East Riding of Yorkshire, situated 1 mile (1.6 km) south of Little Weighton and approximately 6 miles (9.7 km) south-west of Beverley town center.

Some sources (for example S1) state that his name is Thomas (that Thomas was the father of Ann). In these cases he is being confused with his son Thomas, who also married a lady named Ellen (same name as his mother), and married secondly Ann Parrott. In addition, the timing is wrong.

He married Ellen.

He probably died in England.

Probably born in Yorkshire, England. (S2). She is said by some to have been born in 1610. It was her daughter-in-law who was born in or about 1610.

She married O.K. MIGHILL.

Ellen probably died in England. Again, she is confused with her daughter-in-law. It was her daughter-in-law who died in 1640 in New England.

  1. Ann MIGHILL. Born in 1618 in Rowley, Yorkshire, England. She married Thomas TENNEY, probably in England before they emigrated to America in December 1638 on the ship John. She was buried on 26 September 1657; probably in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts. Thomas married (2) Elizabeth (Northen?) Parratt on 24 February 1658.
  2. Thomas Mighill. Born about 1606. Thomas married Ellen in England. Ellen was born about 1610. They emigrated to New England. They first settled in Roxbury. They moved to Rowley, Massachusetts in 1639. Thomas was made a freeman on 13 May 1640 in Rowley. His wife was recorded as the first person buried in Rowley. She died in 1640 in Rowley, and was buried on 11 July 1640 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts. (S2). Thomas married (2) Ann Parrott, sister of Deacon Francis Parrott. Thoams had a three acre house lot on Weathersfield Street in 1643. Thomas made his will June 11, 1654. It was proved March 27, 1655 and mentions his wife Ann; three children by his first wife: Samuel, John, and Thomas; and his four children by his second wife: Ezekiell, Nathaniel, Stephen, and Mary. He also made provision for a child his wife was then carrying. This was his postumous daughter Ann, who died shortly after birth. He also mentioned his "sister Ann Tenny." Thomas' widow Ann died 17 November 1694. Ann made a bequest to her sister Faith Parrott Senior. Ann Parratt probably came to America with her brother Francis and sister Faith. Francis was born about 1610 and was a man of influence, ability and education. He was in New England by 1640. He served in town office and was a deacon in the Rowley church. Francis died in England about 1656 while there on business. He married Elizabeth Northend, who remarried Thomas Tenney in 1657-1658. His sister Faith married twice - first to Smith and second to Law. "The Aged widow Faith Law" died 30 Mar 1705.


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