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Roger le MESNILWARIN and Ellen

Roger le MESNILWARIN. (Mainwaring). [see PC M2-10-4-5-1]. [see CHART A20-Manwaring Family].
Born in 1130 in Warmingham, Cheshire, England; son of William MESNILWAREN.

According to Omerod, his surname was Mesnilwarin. (S2).

Roger Le Mesnilwarin gave one third of (Nether Tabley-S1)(Over Tabley-S2) to Chester Abbey in the time of Henry II (about 1150-1176-S2).

He married Ellen.

He died (in 1250-S2)(well before 1250, it was his grandson who died in 1250-S2) in Leek, Staffordshire, England. (S2).

Ellen. (Warmingham). [see PC M2-10-4-5-1].
She was born (in 1133-S2)(about 1139-S3) in Warmingham, Cheshire, England.

She died in 1155 (S2,S3) in Leek, Staffordshire, England. (S3).

CHILDREN of Roger le MESNILWARIN and Ellen:
  1. (Sir) Ralph Le MESNILWARIN. [see PC M2-10-4-5-1]. (Rafe). He married Amicia de Meschines. of Warmington.
  2. Robert (Mainwaring) de Mainwaring. of Wynnington and Barnton.
  3. Margaret Mainwaring. Born in 1163 in Warmingham, Cheshire, England. She married Hamon Massey. She died 1240 in Bucklow, Cheshire, England.