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MALCOLM II, King of Scotland

MALCOLM II. King of Scotland. King of Alba. King of Strathclyde.
Born about 954 AD; son of KENNETH II, King of Scotland (of Alba).

Acceded 25 MAR 1005.

He conquered Lothian in 1018.

He may have married an Irish woman from Ossory.

He was killed 25 November 1034 at Glamis Castle by his own kinsman, and was buried on the Island of Iona, Scotland.


CHILDREN of MALCOLM II, King of Scotland:
  1. BETHOC (Beatrix). The Eldest daughter. Born in 978 AD. She married Crinan (MORMAER OF ATHOLL)(Grimus) "The Thane" about 1008. She died in 1045 AD.
  2. Dovada.