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Roger MAINWARING and Christian de BIRTLES

[F8725280]. Roger MAINWARING [F8725280]. [see PC M2-10-4-5]. [see CHART A20-Manwaring Family].
born in 1263 in Over, Cheshire, England; son of William de MAINWARING II and Agnes de Aderne.

He made a deed in the reign of Edward III. (S5).

He married Christian de Birtles (Birtles-S8)(Britles-S6) in 1284 in Middlewich, Cheshire, England.

Roger died before his father.

He died in 1295 in Over, Cheshire, England. (S6).

[F8725281]. Christian de BIRTLES. [see PC M2-10-4-5]. (Christiana-S2)(Christian-S7)(Bircheles-S2)(Virtles-S4)(Britles-S7).
Born in 1265 in Over, Cheshire, England; daughter of Henry Britles and Christian of Birties. (S7).

Christiana married (1) Roger Mainwaring; (2) John de Byrun; and then (3) Robert de Varnon in 1334. (S8).

She died in 1334 in Cheshire, England. (S7).

CHILDREN of Roger MAINWARING [F8725280] and Christian de BIRTLES [F8725281]
  1. [F4362640]. William MAINWARING III. [see PC M2-10-4-5]. Born in 1286, (Over By Middlewich, Cheshire, Englan-S3)(Of Over Peover, Cheshire, England-S2). William Mainwaring married Mary Davenport. William died (about 12 or 13 Edward III-S2)(William was living and witness to a deed made on the Eve of St. John Baptist in 14 Edward III-S5)(between 1338-1350-S1) at Over Peover, Cheshire, England.
  2. Joan MAINWARING. Joan married Robert de Fallybrome nigh Birtles, by whom she had sons Robert, John and Roger. (S8).