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William Liscomb and Susanna King

William Liscomb. (S1,S11). (Luscomb-S13).
Born 21 November 1630 at Saco, Maine. (S1).

As early as 1659 he was a tenant of Rev. Robert Jordan at "Nonesuch" in Scarboro. (S11).

He was a cooper by occupation (S1,S11,S12), and he traveled back and forth to England. (S1). Doubtless there was a substantial demand for barrels to supply the fisheries of 17th century Maine. (S11).

He married Susannah King. (S1,S2).

In 1662 he had a grant of 100 acres at Saco from Major William Phillips of Boston and Saco, who had bought the Vines Patent from Beex & Co. of London on 11 March 1658-1659. (S11).

He was on the trial jury at Saco in 1663. (S11).

"William Luscom on West Bank" was on the Saco tax lists from 1664 to 1668. (S11).

He was on the trial jury at Saco in 1666. (S11).

William Luscomb signed the petition to the King in 1666. (S11).

William Luscomb was rated in Saco in 1670. He was sued by John Harmon for debt in the same year. (S11).

William Luscomb moved back to Nonesuch (the Rev. Robert Jordan's farm at Scarboro), apparently as tenant. He and his wife were again in court for absence from public worship at Scarboro from 1671 through 1673. Noyes, Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire, p. 436. (S11,S13).

In 1675, the Indian troubles caused him to remove to Salem. On 12 October 1676, "Goodman Luscom" was living at Black [Beach?] Point, three musket shots from the garrison. (S11).

William Luscomb appears on the county deeds in Salem, Massachusetts on 4 December 1680, when he bought of Mark Haskell of Beverly, Massachusetts for 27 pounds, for “a row of houses in which John Blygh now liveth next ye Meeting house, . . . the land formerly pertaining to Abigail Lord”. (S12).

On Dec. 4, 1684 Mark Haskell executed a deed in favor of William Luscombe for "all that part of ye dwelling house adjoining to ye row of houses in which John Blygh now liveth lying next ye meeting house in Salem so far as to take in the chimney belonging to that part which is next unto the meeting house aforesd with ye leantow on ye east side of ye sd. house...." (S11).

[so was in in 1680 or 1684?].

It seems that William Luscombe was actually in England at that time, inasmuch as the same day (4 Dec 1684) Susannah Luscombe signed an undertaking to make a third and last payment of five pounds by 4 Dec 1687, for the house & ground in Salem, by me bought of sd Haskall This document (essentially a mortgage) was recorded 1 Feb 1686/7 at Deed Book 7:110. In it, she references the deed as being made in ye name of William Luscumbe my hasband, now resdient in Old England (S11).

By the fact that the deed itself was recorded 1 Mar 1686-1687 (Essex County, Mass. Deed Book 7:115), it appears that the final payment on this property was made early. (S11).

He is said to have died in 1684 at Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. (S1). However, when and where William Luscom died is not known. Certainly he was deceased by 15 June 1729, when his daughters Elizabeth (Luscom) [Parlow] Lewis and Joanna (Luscom) Darling, both widows, of Midleborough, Mass., quit their claim in their father's 100 acre lot in Maine to John Gordon. (S11).

This property lay in what was by then being called Biddeford.It was "butted upon the West Side of Saco River, against Two Islands in ye River the One Island known by ye name of Ceadar Island & the other by ye name of Cow Island."Deeds of York Co., Maine, orig. book XV:2. (S11).

He is also said to have died on a trip to England, in 1721 in Paignton, Devon, England; which is speculative, but is the only records that appear to fit his death in England. (S13).

Susannah King. (S1,S2).
Born (in 1613-S4)(in 1631-S2) in Saco, York, Maine. (S2,S4). [Note: If she was born in 1613, it could not have been in Maine].

She married (1) William Liscomb. (S1,S2).

Susanna, who had Seat A in the Saco meetinghouse, Sept 2, 1666, was presented for absence from service in 1669. (S11).

She married (2) James Lewis. (S2).

She died in 1717 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. (S1).

CHILDREN of William Liscomb and Susanna King:
  1. John Liscomb. (S1,S2,S6). Born (in 1660-S6)(about 1668-S11,S12) in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. (S6). He married Abigale Brewer (S6,S11)(Abigail-S12) of Lynn Massachusetts (S11), about 1691. (S12). He was of Lynn, Massachusetts. (S11). He died in 1707 (in Salem, Essex county-S6)(in Southborough, Worcester County-S12), Massachusetts. Abigail Brewer was born 4 December 1664 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts; the daughter of Crispus and Mary Brewer. (S12). Abigail died on 16 August 1737. (S12).
  2. Sydrack or Cedric Liscomb. (S1,S2,S8). (Sydrach Luscom-S11). Born (about 1654-S11)(in 1652-S8) in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. (S8). He died on 1 September 1660, when he accidently drowned in the Saco Town Brook in Saco, Maine. (S8). He was buried on 1 September 1661 at Saco, Maine. (S11).
  3. William Liscomb. (S4,S5). (William Luscomb, Jr.-S11). Born (about 1672-S11)(in 1675 or after-S5,S11)(about 1675-S12) in Scarboro, Massachusetts. (S5). He married Jane Garland (S5,S11) of Salem, Massachusetts about 1699. (S11). He died (in 1733 or 1734-S5)(in the winter of 1733-1734-S11)(iin 1733-1734-S12).
  4. Joanna Liscomb. (S6,S7). (Joanna Luscomb-S11). Born (in 1664-S7)(about 1665-S11) in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. (S7). She was baptized at adult age, on 16 January 1686-1687. (S12). She married Thomas Darling, Sr. (S7,S11) about 1689, probably at Salem, Massachusetts. (S11). She died after 1729 in Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts. (S7).
  5. Elizabeth Liscomb. (S9). (Luscomb-S11,S13). Born (in 1654 or after-S9)(in 1655-S11), in Massachusetts. (S9). She married (1) Thomas Parlor. (Parler-S9) (Thomas Parlour (Parlow) of Beverly, Massachusetts. (S11). She married James Lewis (S9,S11) of Middleboro, on 11 September 1716. (S11). She died in March 1744 (S9,S11) in Middleborough, Massachusetts. (S11).
  6. Mary Liscom. (S10). Born (in 1660 or after-S10)(about 1661-S11) in Massachusetts. (S10). She married Daniel Caton (S10,S11) in Salem, Massachusetts. (S11).


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