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William Levett and Martha Ade

William Levett. [Ancestors].
Born (in 1400-S2)(in 1409-S1) (in North Yorkshire, England-S2); son of James Levett and Ann. (S1).

Source 2 says the is the son of William Levett, but does not give a source for this. (S2).

He married Martha Ade. (S1).

Martha Ade.
Born in 1400. (S1).

CHILDREN of William Levett and Martha Ade:
  1. William Levett. [Ancestors]. Born on 1420 in Normanton, Yorkshire, England. He married Elizabeth Syward. He died on 24 July 1511 in North Yorkshire, England. (S1,S2).


William Levett (c1409-?) and Martha Ade
William Levett  (1420-1511) and Elizabeth Syward
William Levett (c1448-1501)  and Constanlis Wickersley
John Levett (1474-c1526) and Agnes
Richard Levett (1506-1567) and Constance
William Levett (c1528-1569) and Joan Ynglande
Percival Leavitt (1560-1625) and Elizabeth Rotherford
Percival Leavitt (1580-?) and Margaret Linkley
John Leavitt (1608-1691) and Sarah Gilman
Moses Leavitt (1650-1730) and Dorothy Dudley
Joseph Leavitt (1699-1792) and Mary Wadleigh
Nathaniel Leavitt (1727-1824) and Lydia Sanborn
Jeremiah Leavitt (1760-1806) and Sarah Shannon
Jeremiah Leavitt (1796-1846) and Sarah Sturdevant
Sarah Priscilla Leavitt (1841-1927) and Jacob Vernon Hamblin
Ella Ann Hamblin and Warren Moroni Tenney
Clive Vernon Tenney and Minnie Williams
Mildred Ella Tenney and Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris