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Nathaniel Leavitt and Lydia Sanborn

Nathaniel LEAVITT. [Ancestors].
Born 27 December 1727 at Deerfield, Rockingham County, New Hampshire; son of Joseph LEAVITT and Mary WADLEIGH.

He married Lydia SANBORN.

Nathaniel Shannon appears on the 1790 Census in Chester, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, as follows:
Nath. Leavitt.
Free white males of 16 years & upwards including heads of families: 1
Free white males under 16 years: 1

Free white females including heads of families: 1 (S1).
This could be Nathaniel and Lydia, but it could also have been a married son to Nathaniel and Lydia, also named Nathaniel.

He died on 18 February 1824, probably at Grantham, Sullivan County, New Hampshire.

Lydia SANBORN. [Ancestors].
Born 26 February 1737 at Sanbornton, Belknap County, New Hampshire; daughter of Jeremiah SANBORN and Lydia DEARBORN.

She married Nathaniel LEAVITT [F472].

She died on 30 October 1827.

CHILDREN of Nathaniel LEAVITT and Lydia SANBORN:
  1. Jeremiah LEAVITT. [Ancestors]. Born 10 July 1760 at Exeter, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. He married Sarah SHANNON (about 1780)(in 1817-S5). Jeremiah died on 4 August 1846 in Stanstead, Quebec, Quebec, Canada.(S1).


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