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(Capt) Mark Roger HILTON

[F15222]. Mark Roger HILTON. [PC T4-15], [CHART A1].
Born about 1560 in (Norwich, Cheshire-S1)(Yorkshire-S2,S4), England; son of William HILTON and Margaret METCALFE.

He married (Unknown) (about 1585-S5)(about 1590) in England.
He is said to have married Ellen Mainwarring at Wearmouth, Sunderland, County Durham, England.  No firm citations for this wife/marriage have been found, but her name has appeared on numerous genealogy databases. (S5).

He was a Captain.

He died about 1605 at Wearmouth, Durham, England.


CHILDREN of Mark Roger HILTON [F15222]:
  1. William HILTON. Born about 1590 in Northwich, Cheshire, England. He died on 6 September 1621 in York County, Maine
  2. Rebecca HILTON. Born about 1602 in England. She married Thomas ROBERTS. There is tradition that Rebecca emigrated to New England with her brother Edward. She died in Dover, Stafford County, New Hampshire.
  3. Edward HILTON.



(Capt) Mark Roger Hilton
Rebecca Hilton and Thomas Roberts
Anna Roberts and James Philbrick
Joseph Philbrick and Tryphena Marston
Ester Philbrick and Amos Rand
Ann Rand and Thomas Shannon
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Jeremiah Leavitt and Sarah Sturtevant
Sarah Pricscilla Leavitt and Jacob Vernon Hamblin
Ella Ann Hamblin and Warren Moroni Tenney
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