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FRITHUWALD. (Bor, Bur, Borr, Burr). [CHART A1].
Born about 190 (S6); son of FREALAF (Freothalaf, Buri). He married Beltsa.

As Borr, he is mentioned in the Gylfaginning part of Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda. Borr is not mentioned again in the Prose Edda. In skaldic and eddaic poetry Odin is occasionally referred to as Borr's son but no further information on Borr is given. Other sources are silent. The role of Borr in the mythology is unclear and there is no indication that he was worshipped in Norse paganism.

BELTSA. (Beltsa-S6)(Bestla-S5)(Beltsea).
Born about 194 AD (S6); daughter of FROETHELAT (Bolthorn, B÷lthorn, B÷lthor), son of FINN.

In Norse mythology, Bestla was an ancient frost giantess

  1. ODIN.(Wodin). He married Frea.
  2. Ve. (German form: Wiho). Born about 217. Ve was one of the Ăsir and a son of Bestla and Borr in Norse mythology. His brothers were Vili and Odin. He was known for having given humanity the powers of speech and their external senses.
  3. Vili. (German form: Willio). Born about 219. Vili was one of the Ăsir and a son of Bestla and Borr in Norse mythology.


Frithuwald.( Bor). (c190AD-?).                      
ODIN. (215-300AD). King of the Saxons. md Frea.  
Baeldaeg md Nanna, dau of Gewar, King of Norway.  
Brond (Brona).                                   
Frithogar (Frithugar).                           
Elsa I. (Elesa I).                              
Elsa II. (Elesa II).                             
Cerdic I. King of Britain & West Saxons.          
Ceawlin, King of Wessex.                        
Cuthwine (Cutha).                              
Ingild.  (?-718).                                 
Eafa.  He married a princess of Kent.            
EAHLMUND. (?-786AD), md dau of AETHELBERT II.    
EGBERT. King of Wessex.   He married  Redburg.   
ETHELWULF md (2) Judith, dau of Charles the Bald. 
ALFRED, The Great, K. of England, md Ealswith.    
EDWARD The Elder.  King of England.               
Edmund I.  (922-946).  He married Elgiva.        
Edgar I, The Peaceable.                        
Ethelred II, The Unready. (c968-1016) md Elfreda. 
Edmund Ironside.                                  
Edward Athling, the Exile.                      
Margarethe md Malcolm III Caenmore of Scotland.  
Edith.  She married HENRY I, King of England.    
Matilda. (Maud) md (1) Henry V of Germany.        
HENRY II, King of England, md Ida.              
William I Longspee md Ela Fitzpatrick.           
William II Longspee md Idonie de Camville.        
Ela Longspee md James de Audley.                  
Hugh de Audley md  Isolde de Mortimer.            
Hugh de Audley md  Margaret de Clare.           
Margaret de Audley.   md Ralph de Stafford.      
Hugh Stafford.  md Philippa de Beauchamp.         
Edmund Stafford.  md Anne of Gloucester.        
Humphrey Stafford.  md Anne Neville.            
Margaret Stafford md Robert Dunham.             
John Dunham md Elizabeth Bowett.                
John Dunham II md Jean Thorland.                 
John Dunham III md Benedict Folgamsee.           
Ralph Dunham.  He married Elizabeth Wentworth.    
Thomas Dunham. He married Jane Bromley.          
John Dunham Sr.. He married Susanna Kenney/Keno.  
John Dunham Jr..  He married Mary.                
Mary Dunham. She married  James Hamblin.          
Elkenah Hamblin.  He married Abigail Hamblin.     
Sylvanus Hamblin.  He married Dorcas Fish.        
Barnabus Hamblin.  He married Mary Bassett.      
Isaiah Hamblin.  He married Daphne Haynes.       
Jacob Vernon Hamblin md Sarah Priscilla Leavitt. 
Ella Ann Hamblin md Warren Moroni Tenney.         
Clive Vernon Tenney md Minnie Williams
Mildred Ella Tenney = Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris