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FLAAD of Dol

FLAAD. (Flaad is rendered in numerous way, including Flaald and Flathald). (Fledaldus de Dol)(Steward of Dol). [BOYD Family Chart].
Born (in 1048)(about 1050), of Dol-de-Bretagne, France; son of Alan, Dapifer Dolensis, (Seneschal or Steward of Dol).

Probably came to Scotland with the Saxon Princess Margaret, who married King Malcolm III in 1069. (S2).

He consented before 1080 to a grantof land by his elder brother Alan to the Abbey of St. Florent. (S2).

Flaald or Fleald; living 1080. (S2).

Flaad was a brother or possibly as son-S1)) of Alain, dapifer to the Ancient Diocese of Dol, with its see at Dol-de-Bretagne, who had taken part in the First Crusade in 1097. Alan the Senescal engaged in the crusade of 1097, and died apparently without issue. The lands and office of Senescal of Dol reverted to Fledaldus or Flaald. (S2).

Flaad and his son Alan had come to the favourable notice of King Henry I of England (S1,S2) who, soon after his accession, brought Flaad and Alan to England. Eyton, consistently following the theory of the Scottish origins of the Stewarts, thought this was because he was part of the entourage of the Queen, Matilda of Scotland, but Round pointed out that Henry had been besieged in Mont St Michel during his struggle with his brothers, an event which probably occurred in 1091. Henry is known to have recruited Breton troops at that time and,after his surrender, left the scene via the adjoining regions of Brittany, where Dol is situated. This is a likely explanation for the Bretons in the military retinue he brought to England after the death of William Rufus. (S1).

Active in military service on the Welsh border about 1101, where hr occurs as Float filius Alani dapiferi at the dedication of Monmouth Priory in 1101. (S2).

Occurs at Monmouth, 1101-1102. (S1).

He died between 1080 and 1106 in Monmouth, Wales; and was buried in Dol-de-Bretagne, France. (S2).

  1. ALAN FitzFlaad of Dol . [BOYD Family Chart]. In the time of William the Conqueror, Alan, the son of Flaald, obtained by the gift of that King, the castle of Oswaldestre,with the territory adjoining. (S2).
  2. Sibil FitzFlaad. Born in 1109, of Dol.